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Number Porting

Keep existing business numbers by porting them to Telzio. Easy process to switch providers and continuous uptime.

411 Directory Listing

About number porting

VIP handling of porting requests

Our dedicated team of porting specialists monitor every single porting request and keep you updated. With the trial, you can test everything to make sure your setup is working as intended when the numbers port. In the meantime, the number will continue working as is with your current provider.

The process typically takes seven business days. After you submit the porting request, we'll let you know exactly when the porting will occur, so there are no surprises. Our porting team and automated systems are always actively monitoring porting cases to ensure a smooth transfer.


Contact us to see if your phone numbers are portable from your current provider.

Number series

Port blocks of phone numbers and host them with Telzio for a low monthly cost.

Quick setup

Submitting a porting request and pre-configuring services can be done in minutes.

Continuous uptime

Ensure that your phone service continues running uninterrupted.

How it works

We handle everything

Once you submit the porting request, our team handles everything from there. You'll receive email updates about your porting date, and we'll work with your current provider to transfer the number.



How long does it take to port a number?

Porting can take anywhere from 1 to 10 business days to complete, depending on the accuracy of the information submitted in the request and the current provider.


How do I port a number?

To submit a porting request, you'll need a recent statement and an authorized signature. You can submit the porting from our dashboard after you get started with an account.


What can I expect during the porting process?

After you submit your porting request, we work with your existing provider to authenticate the request and transfer the number. We'll notify you with the porting date and time for when the switch will take place.

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