Telzio Mobile App

Enable teams to stay connected from the app.

A hand holding a phone while using the Telzio mobile application

What can I do with the mobile app?

  • Make and receive calls and text messages.
  • Hold, mute, and transfer calls.
  • Initiate call recording with one touch.
  • Host conference calls from anywhere.
  • Customize caller ID for employees.
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Save on business phones with the Telzio Mobile App

The mobile app is useful for any business with remote employees, such as salespeople and consultants. For example, a professional firm with an office and a team of agents in the field can use a combination of both desk phones and our mobile app with their phone system.

Let’s say a customer calls in to find out more information about a service. The office manager can effortlessly transfer the customer to an expert in the field. The office manager can see which field expert is available to take a call, then dial a direct transfer to that person’s extension. The agent can easily answer the call with one swipe.

Example of the Telzio mobile application

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I still receive calls if the app is closed?
    Yes! You can close the app on your phone to save battery, and still receive incoming calls from Telzio.
  • How do I answer incoming calls?
    Calls are answered with one touch, in the same way you answer regular calls to your mobile number.
  • How do I know if someone is calling me through the app?
    “Telzio” displays on your screen when there is a call coming through our service.
  • Is the app free?
    Yes! The mobile app is free to download and included as part of your Telzio service.
  • What does the caller ID show?
    You can customize which one of your Telzio phone numbers displays as the caller ID when an employee calls out from the mobile app.
  • Can a user log into multiple devices?
    Yes! Your employees can log into all their devices with a single login.
  • Can I start recording during a call?
    Yes. You can instantly start recording during an active phone call with one touch.
  • How much data does a call use?
    A typical VoIP call uses around 80 kb/s.

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