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Call Queue

Move your call center solution to the cloud and handle peak times more efficiently. Telzio provides unlimited capacity on your phone lines, ensuring all your calls get connected.

Call queues in Telzio's Call Flows

About call queues

Call queueing system for contact centers

Telzio provides a powerful phone queue solution for high-volume call centers. There is no limit to the number of simultaneous calls you can handle on the system, which means your callers will never hear a busy signal. Our design minimizes agent idle time and enhances the on-hold experience, and you can customize your queue and call distribution settings based on what works for your business.

Route calls to agents based on language, skillset, time, or function, and deploy agents anywhere in the world. With our web and mobile apps, agents can log in and out of queues and take calls from any location.

Queue overview in Telzio's mobile app.

Calling apps

Flexible web and mobile calling options for agents, and an intuitive dashboard to manage all activity online.

Live monitoring

A display of calling activity as it happens in real-time, and live call monitoring tools for on-the-job training.

On-hold settings

Mitigate wait times with hold music, announcements, callback requests, and time-out routing alternatives.

Call statistics

Call center performance indicators such as average hold times, call durations, and abandonment times.

How it works

A virtual call center solution

Telzio is 100% cloud based and provides an end-to-end solution for call queue management. Everything is set up through our website, and there's no hardware required.

Our dashboard provides easy, remote user administration for onboarding of agents in any location. Choose from web and mobile calling apps, and get unlimited, license-free access.

Queues are easy to create with our call flows, and there is no limit to the number of queues you can add for different departments, phone numbers, and campaigns.

Get call analytics from queues, empower your teams with valuable insights, and optimize your settings as needed. With Telzio, you have control over the data and management of your call center system functionality.


Create users for your agents

With Telzio, there's no charge for users and you get unlimited agent seats included.


Choose a device

Download our mobile app for iOS and Android, or log into our website to use the built-in webphone.


Customize queue settings

Choose a call distribution pattern, announcements, hold music, call recording, and hold time limits.


Activate agents in the queue

Assign agents to one or multiple queues, and enable them to log in and out of queues for breaks.



How many agents can I add to a queue?

There is no limit to the number of agents that can be added to a queue, and you can also add an agent to multiple queues.


How many queues can I add?

There is no limit to the number of queues you can add to your phone system, and there is no additional cost to add more.

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