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Toll Free Phone Numbers

Customize toll free number routing, get toll free vanity numbers, and manage calls and texts from anywhere.

411 Directory Listing

About toll free numbers

Toll free routing made easy

Toll free numbers enable convenient inbound calling for your customers across the country, and can be used for outbound dialing with your toll free number as the caller ID. Give your business national presence with a toll free number, and add unlimited extensions that can be used from anywhere.

Our desktop and mobile calling options enable you to route incoming calls on toll free numbers to agents in any location. Customize call forwarding rules, auto attendants, call queues, and dozens of other call center features to create the ideal toll free routing solution for your business.

Establish a reliable, toll free phone number for your customers and communities to get information and connect to your teams. From emergency dispatch to customer service, institutions around the world rely on Telzio's unparalleled uptime to connect their most important calls.

Enable text messaging on your toll free numbers, and easy management of toll free calls and messages from the Telzio Dashboard for the entire team. With our virtual toll free number services, you can manage calls and administration of your phone system right from your computer.

High-volume calling

Get volume discounts, and unlimited channels at no additional cost.

Vanity numbers

Get an easy-to-remember number to represent your company's brand.

Unlimited extensions

Add agents at no additional cost, and assign admins and user roles.

Desk and mobile

Route calls to desk phones, cell phones, and computers in any location.

How it works

End-to-end toll free phone number services

Keep your existing numbers by porting them to Telzio, or browse for new numbers on our dashboard. Browse premium vanity numbers, 800 numbers, and all other toll free prefixes. You own the numbers you get from Telzio, and you can take them with you wherever you go.

Customize call flows for your numbers through our modern, easy-to-use interface, and rapidly scale your phone system with unlimited users included. Empower teams to work from anywhere with an internet connection, using desk phones, computers, and mobile devices.



Can I port toll free numbers?

Yes. All US toll free phone numbers are portable to Telzio at no additional charge. Learn more about number porting, and contact us about international toll free numbers.


Can I purchase a toll free vanity number?

Yes. We provide 1-800 vanity numbers as well as 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 numbers. To see if a particular vanity number is available, contact our sales team.

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