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Call Forwarding

Route calls to people in any location on any device. Create call groups and customize caller on-hold settings. Call distribution solutions managed in the cloud.

Call forwarding in Telzio's Call Flows

About call forwarding

Call routing system for desk and mobile

With Telzio's call forwarding feature you can route inbound calls to any device - computer, desk phone, and cell phones. Office phones integrate seamlessly with our mobile and web apps, for a centralized and complete call routing solution.

The Telzio mobile app enables you to forward calls to people on their cell phones, while keeping their personal number private. Work calls are easy to identify when ringing through the Telzio app, ensuring professional and secure calling.

Unlimited call capacity

Get simultaneous calling capabilities on each line and eliminate busy signals.

Call groups

Create call groups and set up direct forwarding to multiple phones at a time.

Sequential ringing

Prioritize call forwarding lists. Calls ring specific users first, and then go down the list.

Mobile friendly

Integrate forwarding to desk phones and cell phones in the same call groups.

How it works

Forwarding rules for inbound calls

Telzio provides a complete call distribution solution for handling incoming calls. We host local and toll free numbers all over the world, and include a full suite of features for routing calls to teams both in the office and on the road.

Improve the caller experience with on-hold enhancements, and create efficiency with conditional and alternative call routes. Receive calls on any device with our web and mobile apps.

With Telzio, you can control the experience your customers receive when they call your business, and ensure that every call gets connected.



What is simultaneous calling?

Simultaneous calling enables all of your users to be on a call at the same time on the same phone number, without interruptions to your service. Subsequent incoming calls can be placed on hold or routed to an alternative destination.


What is sequential ring?

Sequential ring is a call distribution pattern that goes down a list and tries each destination one-by-one. Alternatively, calls can be distributed in a call-all pattern, where all phones ring at the same time.


What do callers hear?

You can play custom messages, hold music, or a ringing tone while callers wait to be connected.


Can I record calls?

Yes. Call recording and storage is included with Telzio.

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