API Documentation

Explore the reference documents for Telzio's APIs.

There are currently two different APIs available to Telzio's customers. The older legacy API (v2) will eventually be deprecated once all features have been implemented in the latest version.

Differences between versions

While many features exist in both v2 and v3 of the API, there is a significant difference in how authentication is handled and the context of which requests are completed in.

API v2

The legacy API v2 is authenticated with an API key which is generated by the Account Owner from the Telzio Dashboard.

API v3

In the newer API v3 (which will eventually fully replace v2) all requests are completed in the context of a user on your Telzio account.

Requests are authenticated with a bearer token, which is issued via an initial request to /v3/auth with the user's username and password.