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Caller ID Name

Identify your business when calling customers. Customize the caller ID on your business phone numbers and increase the success rate of people answering.

411 Directory Listing

About caller ID name

Business Caller ID

Customize the caller ID on phone numbers with the business or employee name for outbound calls. Display your brand in the caller ID, and improve the chances of customers picking up.

You can specify exactly what name you want to display with your caller ID. Enable users to choose their outbound caller ID number when dialing out.

Easy registration

Register and update your caller ID through our dashboard online.


Take the opportunity to solidify your company's brand name on every call.

Outbound dialing

Manage multiple numbers on a single device and choose which caller ID to dial from.

Extension names

Personalize extensions with employee names so you can see who's calling internally.

How it works

How to add your brand name to the caller ID

Telzio enables you to specify a custom caller ID name for each of your phone numbers. You can choose up to 15 characters, and register the information through our dashboard. We add the updated caller ID name to the national database, where all the major carriers can access the current CNAM to display to their subscribers.



What displays as the caller ID when my employees dial out?

You can choose which one of your phone numbers employees dial out from and displays as their caller ID.


Is there a cost associated with customizing caller ID?

There is a one-time setup fee of $15 to register your caller ID name in the national database.


How do I customize my caller ID name?

You can update your caller ID name through our dashboard. Updating the caller ID name for a phone number will also update the caller ID of its associated extensions.

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