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International Phone Numbers

Telzio provides phone systems for international businesses. Centralize your international call center teams on our cloud platform, and manage all your phone services in one place.

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About international phone numbers

Phone system for global companies

Centralize your foreign operations into one phone system with Telzio. We provide phone numbers in over 60 countries, and local calling rates in over 250 countries. You can port existing phone numbers, and get new numbers from us. Manage all your phone numbers and users in one place, consolidate your phone services, and get a more unified solution.

Easy registration

Browse our dashboard for international numbers and register them instantly.

Local presence

Provide a domestic phone number for customers to reach your business.

Mobile workforce

Give your employees an international phone number when they travel.

Unified management

Manage international call center operations and phone services in one place.

How it works

Telzio works in any country you do

Add local and toll free phone numbers in the countries where you operate, and provide customers with a domestic phone number to reach your business. You can manage all your international phone numbers in one account, and deploy agents anywhere in the world to receive calls.

Like with all Telzio phone numbers, you can customize call routing rules and forward calls to users in any location. Make and receive calls with desk phones, mobile phones, and computers, and manage international phone calls, messages, and users online through the Telzio Dashboard.



What do I need to register an international phone number?

Some countries require proof of address and business identification to activate a phone number. To inquire about international number portability, talk to our team.

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