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Call Flow

The easiest way to set up inbound call routing services. Add sophisticated features with a few simple clicks, and make changes to your phone system instantly.

About call flows

Building blocks for your phone system

A Call Flow is the collection of features and rules that determine how incoming calls are distributed. Choose from over a dozen call flow features including phone menus, time filters, and queues. With our building blocks, you can create anything from a simple IVR system, to a robust automatic call distribution system. Telzio gives you control over your phone system features, so you never have to rely on a technician.

Queue overview in Telzio's mobile app.

Easy and intuitive

Get a visual overview of what callers experience when they call your business.

Powerful features

Implement advanced features without any hardware, programming, or experience.


Drastically reduce time spent on configuring and managing your phone system.

Real-time updates

Change settings in your call flows when it's needed - without any lag time.

Call flow features

How it works

Customize routing rules for incoming calls

Telzio provides you with over a dozen types of call routing features for managing inbound calls on your phone numbers.

Administrators can work on your phone system remotely, and never have to physically go on premise. Everything you need to manage your phone numbers and call flows is accessed through our website.

With our call flows, you can build a complete contact center solution within minutes and starting accepting calls instantly.



Can I create multiple call flows?

Yes. You can add as many call flows as needed for different phone numbers, offices, customer service lines, campaigns, and other purposes at no additional cost.


Can I create time-based call flows?

Yes. You can route calls based on time and day with our time-filter feature, and create schedules for business hours, holidays, and employee shifts.

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