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Phone Menu

Create a professional greeting and phone menu options to route incoming calls. Provide a great caller experience, and filter the right calls to the right people.

Phone menus in Telzio's Call Flows

About phone menus

A professional greeting for your business

Phone menus, also known as auto attendants, are often the first thing callers hear when they contact your business. The phone menu greets callers, and offers options to connect to the desired party by dialing the corresponding number on their keypad. With Telzio, you can easily customize these options.

The phone menu can direct calls to extensions, departments, announcements, and much more. Telzio provides over a dozen powerful options to handle incoming calls, such as queues and time filters. What's more, auto attendants work 24/7, and serve as the first line of defense against unwanted calls.

Automatic routing

Customize incoming call flows and use menus to direct callers to the right place.

Personalized options

Offer personalized options for your callers such as by language, team, or location.

Custom greetings

Record or upload custom greetings and announcements about your business.

Multi-level menus

Create multi-level menus to guide callers to a specific team, office, or announcement.

How it works

Custom options to route callers

We've designed a simple tool to build phone menus.

"Thank you for calling our company.
Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support, press 3 to hear our business hours, or if you know the extension of the person you want to reach, dial it now."

Everything you need to set up a fully-functional phone menu system is included with Telzio. Keep the announcements on your phone system current with easy recording and text-to-speech tools, and instantly add call menu options as needed.


Create a call flow

Add as many flows as needed for different offices and phone numbers.


Create a greeting

Upload a file, record in the browser, or use our text-to-speech tool.


Select menu options

Mark the options on the dialpad that correspond to your greeting.


Add destinations

Route callers to users, groups, queues, announcements, and more.



How do I customize the menu greeting?

You can record a greeting directly through the browser, upload an audio file, or use our text-to-speech tool to generate a custom greeting.


Can I add multiple phone menus?

Yes. You can add an unlimited number of phone menus and sub-menus as part of your Telzio service.


What’s the difference between a phone menu and an auto attendant?

Phone menu and auto attendant are used interchangeably. Phone menus can also be called IVR menus, auto-receptionists, call menus, and digital receptionists.


If my internet connection is interrupted, will my phone menu be affected?

No. Even if the internet at your location goes down, callers will still be connected to your phone menu. In those situations, you can set up a failover so that calls get routed to cell phones.

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