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The most scalable model for growing companies. Don't pay for seats, users, or licenses. Telzio removes the financial and technical hurdles of expanding your phone system.

About users

Add users to your phone system without paying more

Unlike other business phone systems on the market, Telzio doesn't charge you for users. Our unique model enables you to provide everyone in your organization with a phone line and rapidly scale up teams without any setup costs.

User administration is simple. A single and secure login for the user provides a clear and straight path to calling. Our webphone doesn't require any installation, and the mobile app is free to download. Users will glide through the process, and have the flexibility to be on multiple devices.

Queue overview in Telzio's mobile app.


Get unlimited users included to expand your phone system with no setup or user fees.

Internal calling

Increase team communication with unlimited internal calling between users.

Use any device

Enable users to log in from any location with desktop and mobile devices.

User support

Get excellent customer support included from our dedicated team of experts.

How it works

A cloud solution that scales

Telzio's highly-scalable infrastructure delivers exceptional cost-savings and technical benefits that traditional providers can't provide. We've developed a solution that's easy to expand and isn't tied to any physical hardware.

Adding a user takes seconds. Users can make calls from any internet network using computers, mobile devices, and desk phones. With Telzio users, you can instantly provide calling capabilities to people in any location.



How does pricing work?

Telzio pricing is based on usage. Learn more about our flexible monthly plans.


Can users be logged into multiple devices?

Yes. There is no additional charge or licensing requirement for users to be logged into multiple devices.


Can all users be on the phone at the same time?

Yes. Telzio provides simultaneous calling functionality for high call volume needs.


Can I import a bulk user list?

Yes. You can mass import a list of users from excel. Please contact our sales team for guidelines.


What kind of user permissions are available?

You can delegate access and administrative rights to various parts of your phone system for users. Learn more about roles and permissions with Telzio.

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