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Jennifer Chen

Jennifer Chen

Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.

3 Ways to Reward Employees During the Holidays

December 27, 2015

The holidays aren’t over people! As an employer/manager, the holidays are leverage to uplift and energize your team for the coming year. Folks are generally in good spirits, maybe a little wiped out from all the eating and shopping, and here’s where you come in with more surprises!

The following ways to reward employees come from my many years of experience being an employee and knowing how a little can go a long way.

1. Cash

Everybody loves cash. Christmas shopping is over and some wallets may need to be replenished. Organize an office lunch in the conference room and play a game where people can win cash prizes. Who doesn’t love that?! I’ll bet you’ll get full attendance at that meeting if you announce you’re giving away cash. Just the anticipation will give them a little energy boost that morning.

It doesn’t have to be much, but I guarantee people will be smiling.

2. Food

Buy lunch, if you don’t already do that on the regular. It’s the next best thing to cash. Fed people are happy people. Not only is it a nice gesture, but it creates an atmosphere for bonding and socializing with your team outside of work-talk. It’s during these off-moments that new ideas and fresh minds cultivate.

3. Time

The only thing more valuable than cash is time! Give your employees some time. Let them work from home or let them off early if possible, so they can spend time with their families. It’s an investment for you and they’ll be happier, better employees as a result. Even one hour off early to beat the traffic is a nice gesture and will go a long way. It shows your employees that you value their time, and people will only contribute as much as they are appreciated.