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Victor Brown

September 26, 2017

Abandoned Babies Saved by VoIP Technology

Telzio provides safe anonymous hotlines for nonprofits like The Hope Box, giving parents a reliable place to call and preventing the abandonment of newborns.

Telzio sponsors a hotline for The Hope Box to support its mission in preventing the abandonment, neglect, and even abuse of newborns. By providing a safe anonymous phone number where people can call for help, The Hope Box is available as a resource and safe place for new parents to turn when they’re unable to care for their newborn.

How The Hope Box is Making a Difference

While it’s hard to find accurate numbers on the number of abandoned babies in the US, some say that since the first Safe Haven law was passed in 1999, 3,000 babies have been legally given up, meaning 3,000 lives saved. While all states have different Safe Haven laws, some are more limited than others, providing less hope for neglected newborns in states like Georgia.

A local nonprofit based in Acworth, Georgia, The Hope Box executes change on multiple levels.

Changing the Law

The Hope Box targets its mission on the individual and legislative levels, where they can make an even more lasting impact. Earlier this year, the organization’s efforts enabled changes in the law in Georgia, giving more flexibility to parents who need a safe haven for newborns. Now, a mother seeking safe abandonment of her newborn:

  • has up to 30 days to use the safe haven law,
  • no longer needs to show identification, and
  • can go to fire and police stations.

These changes will have a direct impact on the lives and safety of future newborns in these unfortunate circumstances and is a huge step forward for Georgia, which has one of the most limited Newborn Safe Haven Laws in the US.

Educating the Community

What’s more, The Hope Box dedicates resources to educate communities on prevention, safe options, and legal rights in the face of infant abandonment. Their hotline serves not only as a place to turn when abandonment or neglect seems like the only option but also as a resource, where parents can get support and learn about their other options.

Operating on Donations

It’s through donations from individuals and businesses that enable The Hope Box to continue its fight against newborn neglect and even abuse. You can get even more involved by contacting them to see what kind of volunteer opportunities you might be able to help with.

Consider making a personal or corporate donation to The Hope Box to protect newborns from abandonment.

A Flexible VoIP Solution from Telzio

At Telzio we are passionate about supporting organizations like The Hope Box who are making positive changes in their communities and fighting for those in need.

Telzio provides us with a reliable and flexible hotline where new parents can reach out and connect with our volunteers anytime.

– Sarah Koeppen, Founder and CEO at The Hope Box

Whether it’s a local or toll-free hotline, mobile calling and texting capabilities for volunteers, or an easy way to update an informational greeting, Telzio has everything needed in a powerful phone system.

Telzio offers flexible hotline solutions and special programs for nonprofits.

It’s free to get started today, including getting a hotline number and using our mobile app to start receiving calls instantly. Our system is so easy to use, you won’t need a professional IT person to set it up for you.

If you need help getting started, email us at