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Jennifer Chen

October 29, 2014

Business Owners: You Need to Start Picking Up the Phone TODAY

Many entrepreneurs are attracted to online business and startups because they prefer to handle communication by email instead of the phone.

Many entrepreneurs are attracted to online business and startups because they prefer to handle communication by email instead of the phone. But what a lot of business owners have learned the hard way is staying off the phone can hold back their business. Specifically, not talking 1-on-1 with customers on a regular basis makes it far too easy to miss new opportunities or overlook issues that are preventing website visitors from actually buying.

How One Business Owner Used the Phone to Increase Monthly Revenue By 1,900%

In a recent Mixergy interview, Jordan Gal demonstrated just how valuable getting on the phone can be for a business owner. Prior to launching his SaaS business CartHook, Gal ran an ecommerce business with his brothers. This niche ecommerce business specialized in dropshipping solar lights. While focusing on this specific area helped the business build some momentum, it hit a plateau.

As one of several attempts to break that plateau, Gal and his brothers decided to get on the phone with as many customers as possible. Through these conversations, they discovered that a lot of people wanted a solar light specifically to illuminate their American flags at night. Based on that insight, they rebranded an entire category of products into solar flag lights. That single change was one of the primary drivers that increased the company’s monthly revenue from around $3,000 to over $60,000.

3 Tips for Getting on the Phone with Prospects and Customers

Now that you know why you should be on the phone, you’re probably wondering how to go about speaking with prospects or customers. Here are the three easiest ways to get involved in conversations that can move your business forward:

Put Your Phone Number All Over Your Website

The best way to get prospects and customers to call is by making your business phone number highly visible throughout your website. You can also use specific calls to action on landing pages to get people to give you a call.

Follow Up with Customers By Phone

The days or even weeks after someone buys from you is the perfect time to touch base with them by phone. Not only can this provide you with valuable insights that will help your business, but it’s also the perfect way to build the type of goodwill that leads to people becoming repeat customers.

Use a Simple Email Blast to Solicit Conversations

If you’re thinking about expanding your business by offering a new product or service, the last thing you want is to invest a lot of time and financial resources into building something no one ends up wanting. The best way to avoid this all too common dilemma is by getting on the phone with existing customers. You can set up these conversations by emailing your customer list. And while it’s normal to think no one will want to talk you, remember that most active customers are more than happy to give 20 minutes of their time speaking to the owner of a company that they do business with.

If you have an additional tip for getting on the phone with prospects and customers, let us know your approach by leaving a comment!