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Jennifer Chen

November 16, 2014

Don't Choose Between BYOD or a Professional Image

Telzio provides phone systems for real estate agents, with calling using our free mobile app and call forwarding to agents in any location.

Over the last decade, bring your own device (BYOD) policies have become a standard component of businesses across countless industries. Although there was a time when employees were content to use whatever technology a company provided them, as soon as Apple debuted the original iPhone, a surge built of people who no longer wanted to be behind the technology curve in their professional life.

As a result of technology’s rapid advancement and its increasing presence in everyone’s daily lives, 80% of employees now use personal technology for business use. In response to that trend, 53% of organization officially condone BYOD usage. And by 2017, it’s projected that 2 out of 3 enterprises will have some form of a BYOD solution.

While executives don’t always see eye to eye with employees, the majority agree that BYOD has benefits. 47% of executives believe that BYOD increases productivity, while 51% feel that it increases creativity. Given the fact that 73% of businesses see an increase in efficiency after adopting a bring your own device program, it’s safe to say that this trend is here to stay.

BYOD Applies to Businesses of All Sizes

Although BYOD presents a unique set of challenges to huge corporations, this is a topic that’s relevant to businesses of all sizes. The daily impact of BYOD is especially evident for many real estate businesses and companies that employ teams of sales agents. Since real estate and sales professionals are not standard nine-to-fivers, they have unique technology needs. Because individuals from both groups spend a significant amount of their time tied to their phone, most opt to use a personal device.

How to Overcome the Downsides of BYOD

The biggest benefit of BYOD is it allows real estate and sales professionals to always be in touch. However, that significant benefit comes with a major downside. The biggest issue comes from number ownership and the perception of an unprofessional image. If an agent or sales professional is handling calls directly through their personal number, it can make their company look unprofessional. What’s worse is if someone is handling all their business through a number they own, their company is going to be out of luck if the two parties decide to part ways.

Since this is a prevalent and significant issue with BYOD, Telzio has come up with a custom solution. By using our system, employers have full ownership and control over all of the phone numbers associated with their business. The benefits associated with using Telzio include:

-Allows field agents to make calls to and from the business line with their cell phone

-Ability to track and monitor call activity through call logs and call recordings in one central account

-Easy to update and edit user settings instantly online

-No cost to add users

Start with a free trial that comes with a temporary phone number and calling capabilities with our mobile app.

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