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Jennifer Chen

August 13, 2018

Call Flow Enhancement: Move, Insert, and Delete Actions

It's even easier now to manage call routing with our latest update to Call Flows. Build intricate Call Flows right through your browser, and go live instantly!

The latest enhancement to Call Flows makes it even easier to customize call routing features. You can now move, insert, and delete features, without affecting other parts of your Call Flow.

The update enables you to build and edit intricate Call Flows without having to start over or re-build parts of it to make changes. You can move an Action, and its subsequent Actions will follow. You can delete an Action, and retain the Actions below it. You can even insert an Action before another Action.

Move, insert, and delete actions within a Telzio Call Flow
What are "Actions"?

Actions are the features and rules you can use to route incoming calls, such as a phone menu, queue, or voicemail.

The Action tells the system what to do with the incoming call.

When designing a Call Flow, ask yourself - What Action should happen next in the caller's journey? Should the call be routed to a group? If no one answers, then what Action should happen?

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