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Diana Chu

Diana Chu

Diana is the Chief Customer Officer at Telzio and enjoys helping customers get the most out of their Telzio services.

Call Log Offers Detailed Call History

September 2, 2013

Call Logs offer a comprehensive look into your call activity including details of where the caller dialed, what steps the caller took in your IVR menu, any call recordings and voicemail, and which user answered the call. You can filter call logs by dates, phone numbers, and users, and direction (inbound/outbound), and find information about minutes used and any charges. Logs can be exported into excel for further sorting and review. As always, we’d love your feedback! Please email us at and tell us what you think about this feature.

Screenshot of the Call Log in the Telzio Dashboard online interface, displaying 5 call records including a call ID, caller ID phone numbers, call status, call duration, and call price, along with filters for sorting the call log including phone number, date, and direction (inbound/outbound).