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How to Create a Hunt Group

How to Create a Hunt Group

November 25, 2020

November 25, 2020

June 30, 2021

June 30, 2021

Learn about the various settings you can control in hunt groups and get an overview of how to set up a hunt group with Telzio. 

What is a Hunt Group?

A hunt group is a phone system feature that directs incoming calls to multiple recipients based on a custom set of rules, i.e. simultaneous or sequential ringing. Also known as line hunting, hunt groups consist of users, extensions, and devices that are "hunted down" to find an available agent.

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Hunt groups can be implemented without any hardware or equipment. Telzio's cloud-based telephone services include a fully hosted PBX where hunt groups and other features can be managed online. 

In addition to hunt groups, you can utilize phone menus and scheduling to automate inbound call routing. The phone menu enables callers to make their own selection and get routed to the corresponding hunt group or department. Opening hours automatically usher inbound calls based on operating hours or employee schedules. Changes are implemented through a web-based portal and go live instantly, allowing for easy and remote management. 

Configuring Hunt Group Rules

Here are some of the different options you have for configuring the rules of a hunt group. 

  • Sequential - With sequential ringing, the incoming call rings each agent in the hunt group in order one-by-one. If the agent is busy or misses the call, the call will proceed to the next agent on the list until all available agents have been contacted. If no one answers, the call will move onto the next step in the call flow. Calling users in sequence is useful in a situation where you want to prioritize the list of agents, so that the agent at the top of the list gets forwarded the call first. 
  • Simultaneous - With simultaneous ringing, the incoming call rings all agents in the group at the same time. The first available agent to pick up will get the call. When one agent answers, the call will stop ringing the other agents. See also simultaneous ring.
  • Longest Idle - Within a queue, you can set the incoming call to first ring the agent that has been waiting for a call the longest. This helps to ensure that there is an even distribution in workload between all agents in an assigned group. 
  • Circular - A circular routing pattern is similar to sequential but after reaching the last agent in a group, the call restarts at the first agent and goes down the list until someone answers the call. After the call attempts the first hunt group, the second hunt group can be customized to serve as a backup with different users. 

In addition to scheduling hunt groups, Telzio allows individual agents to log in and out of an assigned call group during breaks. A quick toggle to enable do-not-disturb ensures that calls are routed to available agents.

Managers can also be given user permissions to monitor hunt groups and agent calls through a live dashboard that displays calls and BLF indicators in real-time. 

Creating Hunt Groups with Telzio

Setting up a hunt group with Telzio is intuitive and only takes a few minutes to deploy. If you don't have a Telzio account yet, you can start with a 30-day free trial. From the dashboard, you can create groups, add users to it, and play with a variety of settings to customize the caller experience. Telzio includes unlimited users and hunt groups with your monthly service plan, so you can add and remove agents as needed without incurring additional costs.

With call flows, you can visually design which calls to route to your hunt group, and what to do with calls that are not answered. You can filter incoming calls with opening hours and phone menus, and customize the path for the caller to travel until they reach a person, voicemail, or announcement. 

For larger companies, hunt groups can be given unique names that correspond to the hunt group’s function, and can also be assigned an extension. This enables users to transfer live calls directly to that extension to ring the entire group. 

Some of the features that are available to customize within hunt groups include: 

  • Call distribution pattern - choose between sequential, simultaneous, longest idle, or circular 
  • Call recording - record all calls that come into the hunt group
  • Call screening - announce the name of the hunt group to the agent before the call connects 
  • Time out period - set a maximum hold time before moving the caller onto the next step 
  • Grace period - specify a cool down time for agents between calls 
  • Callback request - give callers the option to request a callback 
  • Caller ID - display the caller's number or the number the caller dialed
  • Hold music - select from a list of default music or upload your own audio files

Any updates that are made go live instantly, so it's easy to update your hunt group with different agents and settings as needed. 

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