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Jennifer Chen

April 4, 2017

Introducing Collaborative Communications from Telzio

With Telzio's modern communication tools you can collaborate on text messages, call recordings, voicemail, and faxes.

Before Collaborative Communications there was Unified Communications, which refers to the integration of all your different voice, chat, video, and conferencing products into one platform. Collaboration, on the other hand, requires more than a conference call or a screen share between colleagues. When it comes to collaboration at work, teams use tools like Google Docs, Trello, and Zendesk – tools where multiple people are working on shared projects and tasks collectively.

What is Collaborative Communications?

Collaborative Communications is the ability for teams to work together on managing calls, messages, and faxes in real time.

Managing communications is a process. Customers can reach your business in a number of different ways, and there are a number of different people in your organization who can be responsible or involved in resolving a customer issue. Often you need to delegate tasks, save items for follow up, or add notes. Telzio allows you to do that with collaborative communication features.

Collaborative Communications from Telzio enables business users to comment, tag, and reassign text messages, voicemails, faxes, and call recordings.

Managing Phone Activity on Your Telzio Dashboard

Right when you log into Telzio, you’ll see your latest activity – missed calls, voicemails, text messages, and faxes.

You can resolve items right in the Dashboard view, or click on the items to respond, comment, tag, reassign, or delete them.

While you’re in the main view of the Dashboard, you can sign yourself in and out of queues, search your company for employee extensions, and navigate to your Voicemail, SMS, Fax, and Call Recordings pages to manage your telephone activity.

Using the Collaboration Tools

Throughout your Telzio Dashboard you’ll find the following tools you can use to collaborate with your teams:


Tags are labels, that you can assign to items like voicemails, text messages, faxes, and call recordings. Using Tags helps your teams identify items later that can be useful for purposes like training and follow up. Like hashtags, Telzio Tags allow a big group of people to find things with a common theme. You can add, edit, and delete Tags on your Account Settings page.


You can comment on items for internal use, and make notes for yourself, or let others know how to handle the item before you reassign it to them. Comments are not shown to customers, so you can use them to give instructions to other Users in your organization.


Front desk operators and managers can use Telzio’s Reassign feature to distribute and delegate items to the rest of the company. When reassigning a text message from a customer for example, the next User will see what the customer wrote, any responses, or internal comments, and have the ability to take over and respond to the thread.

Collaborating on SMS Conversations

Text messages sent to your business from customers can be directed to any of your users on your Telzio platform. Users can respond directly to a text message on their device, or by logging into the Telzio Dashboard where there are additional collaboration features.

When you first navigate to your SMS page, you’ll see a list of all your SMS conversations, or SMS threads. Within each SMS thread, you’ll see all the messages that have been sent back and forth, in addition to any activity on the thread such as new comments or tags.

After you tag the text message and add any comments, you can Reassign it to another User in your organization for follow up. That User can then Reassign it back to you, or resolve it. This means you can have multiple people working and collaborating on a single SMS conversation through your Telzio Dashboard.

Making Voicemail Productive Again

Telzio transcribes all your voicemails for free so you don’t have to spend time listening to all of them. Now, instead of asking callers to text you in your voicemail greeting, you can let them leave a message and get it in text form on your device or on your Telzio Dashboard, where you can:

  • Playback and download voicemail…
  • View voicemail transcripts…
  • Add comments…
  • And reassign voicemail to another user.

Telzio gives you the traditional option of managing voicemail on your device, as well as collaboration tools on your Dashboard where you can work on issues together with your teams.

Bringing Fax to the Future

You can eliminate your old fax machine and cut back on paper waste by virtualizing your fax service. All your faxes are available on your Telzio Dashboard as PDF, where you can view, download, tag, comment, reassign, and delete them.

Send a fax right through your Telzio Dashboard, by uploading a document from your computer.

You’ll find the icon on your Dashboard to start sending a new fax. No printing required.

Tagging Useful Conversations

Call recordings can be a valuable training resource when you tag them accordingly. Real conversations with real customers present real questions and answers that can be an irreplaceable reference for training new agents.

Telzio includes call recording as part of your service, so there’s no additional cost to activate the feature.

You can customize your tags, and use those to find your recordings on your Dashboard later, or you can download the recordings, and store them in a special folder on your drive.

Your managers can access the recordings on their Dashboard as needed, and as new recordings are tagged, you’ll continue to have the best and most current training resources for your teams.

Staying Logged Into Your Dashboard

Keeping Telzio open in your web browser lets you manage your telephone activity in real time. Calls, messages, and faxes, update within seconds on your Dashboard, so you can manage everything in one place – on your computer.

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