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Peter Schroeder

March 12, 2020

Preparing for The Pandemic

Telzio's offices in Los Angeles and Denmark are closing down and employees are asked to work from home. Here's how we keep our sales and support lines alive during the crisis.

The Corona Virus and it's COVID-19 Disease is spreading, and everyone must do their part in limiting the impact as much as possible.

Telzio’s office in Denmark has already been closed and employees asked to work from home, and we are preparing to do the same at our Los Angeles office.

Here are a few tips on setting up employees to work from home that we think you might benefit from as well.

IMPORTANT: Before you continue reading this email, go wash your hands!

Sales and Support Teams

Telzio’s sales and support teams are heavy phone users, and while the Telzio Mobile App offers a lot of flexibility, it’s not very comfortable or convenient to use if you are on the phone for many hours each day.

We have provided our sales and support teams with the new Yealink T54W IP phone which features built-in WiFi, since most people don’t have access to cabled ethernet in their homes.

Yealink T54W

Additionally, this phone works seamlessly with Telzio’s Auto Provisioning feature, so we were able to ship the phones directly to all employees and handle the configuration remotely from the Telzio Dashboard. All they had to do was plug the phone in and enter their WiFi password.

Temporary Price Reduction

As part of our commitment to help our customers get through the pandemic in the easiest way possible, we have lowered the price for this phone and are currently selling it for less than Amazon. We are not making a profit off these sales, but when the phone has been purchased from Telzio we are able to provide extended support, compared to if you buy the phone elsewhere - and we want to do everything we can to help you during a time where you have much more important things to worry about.

Web Phone

The Telzio Webphone offers the ability to make and receive phone calls through your web browser.

We recommend using a headset when using this phone, since the sound coming from a laptop’s built-in microphone isn’t always the greatest.

We have several large call centers exclusively using the webphone, and since it’s available for all customers at no additional cost, this may be a great solution for your business.

Telzio Mobile App

For our other employees, such as developers, marketing and management, we all utilize the free Telzio Mobile App, which is available for iPhone and Android.

Any user can log in with their credentials, and make/receive phone calls with their business number and extension, just as if they were at the office. All that’s required is a smartphone with either WiFi access or mobile data.

With the new Opus codec enabled, the app only uses about 6kbps in bandwidth, which is significantly less than a regular IP phone, which uses around 96kbps. This ensures great call quality even if your employees’ internet connections at home are on the slow side.

We are Here to Help

Our customer service and technical support teams are available to help you and your employees if you have any questions about getting everyone up and running from their homes.

We are available Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm Pacific Time, and our team in Denmark is ready to answer emails outside those hours.

+1 888-998-9080

PS: You can go wash your hands again now.