Important News About Dialing Country Codes

Important News About Dialing Country Codes

Please note the following changes as of January 18th, 2014:

Domestic Calls

When calling within the country, calls can be made with or without dialing the country code.

International Calls

When calling out of the country, the exit code of the country should be dialed first, followed by the country code of the country being called.

What does that mean to me?

Before the change, you had to dial the country code every time you made a domestic call. For example, if you wanted to call a number in Germany from your German phone number, you had to dial the country code 49 followed by the phone number.

Soon you’ll be able to dial the phone number directly with or without the country code.

Using Exit Codes & Country Codes to Make International Calls

If you want to call another country, first dial the exit code for your country, followed by the country code for the country you are calling.

For example, if you you’re calling from a US number, and want to dial a number in Denmark, you should first dial 011 (the exit code for USA), then 45 (the country code for Denmark) followed by the phone number. Eg.: 011-45-88888888.

Here is a list of exit codes by country. If you need a country code, you might find this website useful:

Argentina 00
Australia 0011
Austria 00
Bahrain 00
Belgium 00
Brazil 00
Bulgaria 00
Canada 011
Chile 00
Croatia 00
Cyprus 00
Czech Republic 00
Denmark 00
Dominican Republic 00
El Salvador 00
Estonia 00
Finland 00
France 00
Georgia 00
Germany 00
Greece 00
Hong Kong 001
Hungary 00
Ireland 00
Israel 00
Italy 00
Japan 010
Latvia 00
Lithuania 00
Luxembourg 00
Malta 00
Mexico 00
Netherlands 00
New Zealand 00
Norway 00
Panama 00
Peru 00
Poland 00
Portugal 00
Puerto Rico 011
Romania 00
Singapore 001
Slovakia 00
Slovenia 00
South Africa 00
Spain 00
Sweden 00
Switzerland 00
United Kingdom 00
United States 011
Vietnam 00
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