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Jennifer Chen

June 23, 2016

Escape My Room Uses Telzio Phone Menus to Engage Customers

Escape My Room uses Telzio to customize Phone Menus to entertain and engage with customers.

Interactive live escape games are spreading like wild fire, and with its unique business concept, venues like Escape My Room are finding Telzio to meet their growing demands.

Escape rooms are live interactive games where teams are locked in a room and given the task to escape before time runs out. Families, friends, and corporations are widely taking to the activity for the unique entertainment and team building experience.

Escape My Room is a top rated venue in New Orleans, where people visit from all over the universe to get locked up in a room.

Escape My Room has one of the most unique and amusing phone greetings we’ve ever heard, which makes us even more excited to share their story.

When asked about the reason for switching to Telzio, Andrew at Escape My Room referred to the automation needed to handle the growing number of incoming calls:

We initially were using Google Voice and a landline from Cox. We were getting too many calls to handle, and many calls were for things that could be answered by a recording (how to find us, how to book a ticket).

The most basic and common way to use keypad options in the IVR menu is to direct callers to the right place, but Escape My Room takes it beyond its conventional use.

Using Automated Menus to Tell Stories

By using Telzio’s IVR menu feature, Escape My Room provides informational (and entertaining) messages for callers by way of a pre-recorded greeting. The first option you hear when you call the venue is the opportunity to speak to someone about bookings. Customer service first!

As for the other options – I wound up listening to a ghost story and learning a little history about New Orleans.

Escape My Room has taken the interactivein IVR to another level, and uses Call Flows as a tool for pulling off new ways to engage and entertain customers.

Using our visual, easy-to-use interface, their team is able to create and modify their calling features.

At Telzio, actionsrefer to each of the boxes that represent a feature.

We could add any of the following actions to a call flow:

  • IVR Menu
  • Forward Call
  • Voicemail
  • Conference
  • Business Hours
  • Call Queue
  • Stripe (for accepting payments)

Within these actions are more features we can customize. For example, uploading custom greetings, creating call forwarding groups, choosing hold music, and enabling call recording.

Like a mini voice-guided adventure, callers go through various scenarios as they travel through the call flow, and Escape My Room can change the greetings and the course of the call flow anytime through our website.

Everybody Texts

Escape My Room required text messaging as part of the service, since it was already part of their current system and offered to customers on marketing materials. This was no challenge with Telzio.

Incoming text messages are included, and existing phone numbers can be ported without downtime.

The team at Escape My Room chose to have all incoming texts forwarded to their main email, and use Telzio’s dashboard to send responses.

Testing and Transparency

When it came to setup and maintenance, testing and transparency was important. Andrew mentioned that:

Telzio had a relatively low entry cost which let us test how the system worked for us, and we’ve been very happy with the results. I appreciate the straightforward pricing, and the easy-to-use interface.

Telzio is all about fairness and ease-of-use. Some of the ways we minimize setup and maintenance costs are by offering:

  • flexible month-to-month plans,
  • an intuitive interface that anyone can use,
  • simple pricing with all features and users included, and
  • options to use desk phones or our mobile app.

With Telzio, the venue has no worries about maintaining hardware or software. Their entire system is hosted on our virtual cloud platform, which they can access anytime on the web.

Growing Into Features

By switching to Telzio, Escape My Room consolidated their services and at the same time expanded their tools. They started with an initial IVR menu to handle an increasing volume of calls, and evolved to using other features, as Andrew adds:

As we’ve grown, I like the ability to record incoming calls in case there’s a problem, and the new call queue feature.

Tools like call recording and call queue are included, and easy to enable on Telzio’s dashboard where their team can also manage recordings, messages, and logs. They can continue to add and customize their features and setup as they grow and add new stories.

Final Shoutout

Check out Escape My Room and visit New Orleans!