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Ryan Leung

October 8, 2020

Virtual Phone Services for Therapists

Learn about the HIPAA compliant phone solutions therapists are using to conduct virtual counseling via calling and text messaging.

Virtual counseling has grown to new heights and modern tools are needed to thrive in today’s environment. Through the social distancing and unrest, therapists across the country have been using essential features such as virtual phone, text messaging, and fax services from Telzio’s user-friendly, web-based platform. With HIPAA compliant phone services, therapists communicate safely and securely with patients and take advantage of the innovative tools that make working easier - even from home.

Interpersonal Connection Disrupted by Covid-19

The pandemic has left many homebound and with many seeking mental wellness, the demand for counseling via teleconferencing has seen a staggering surge. With anxiety and uncertainty reaching new heights, an estimated 90% of mental health visits are now happening virtually. Access to mental healthcare is more important now than ever and therapists are having to find new ways to work with clients.

Due to ongoing sheltering in place and the shift to a new normal, health care practitioners are also shifting business practices. As a result, business owners and independent practitioners are migrating to virtual phone solutions, and away from the physical restrictions of traditional office lines.

Staying HIPAA Compliant with Virtual Phone Services

One of the first things you should know is that Telzio is HIPAA compliant and provides Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) to healthcare providers.

HIPAA mandates security rules for healthcare providers and their business associates to protect medical information. Therefore, anyone who holds or transfers electronically protected health information must follow these HIPAA privacy rules, including virtual phone service providers.

As a private practitioner, you get the same HIPAA compliant platform and privacy features as the large hospitals do from Telzio. In addition to the built-in security measures, Telzio provides data retention and GDPR tools to give you control over what’s stored on your phone system. You can even automate the deletion and anonymization of call records, messages, and faxes, based on your company's privacy policies.

Full Capabilities for Office and Remote Working

Telzio is a complete business phone system with a robust feature set catering to a variety of needs. Combined with a user-friendly interface and enterprise-grade infrastructure, the platform offers ease of scalability for growing and global teams. Some of the features included are:

Virtual Phone Number

Mobile App – Counselors and staff can use their work numbers on their cell phones via the Telzio Mobile App. The HIPAA compliant phone app can be configured to take calls from the company’s main phone number, and simultaneously be used with a direct phone number or extension.

Unlimited Users

Auto Attendant – An Auto Attendant, also known as an IVR-Menu or Phone Menu, acts as a virtual receptionist by greeting callers with options to be connected to the right person. Give your business a professional image that can rival the biggest of enterprises. Greetings and finer settings can be customized via our online dashboard.

Webphone- The webphone is a virtual phone that's built directly into the Telzio website. Users do not need to download anything to make calls with the webphone, and it's a convenient option when working from home.

Virtual Fax

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