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Thomas Han

May 26, 2016

How to Set Up a PA System for Business

Learn how to set up a PA system for your business.

PA systems, or public announcement systems, are commonly used in stores, warehouses and schools to make announcements over a speaker system to a group of people.

Telzio enables businesses to set up a PA system with devices like the Snom PA1.

PA System & Music Player Combined

The Snom PA1 is a small electronic device that contains an input jack for music and an output jack for speakers, which is perfect for stores who play music throughout the day.

Similar to an IP phone, the device is configured with a user and an extension.

Employees can dial the device’s extension to make public announcements.

When an announcement comes in, the music stops and a “BING BONG” sound is played to alert the audience an announcement is coming. When the announcer hangs up, the music starts playing again.

The Snom PA1 can be used on small to large applications, and includes a microphone input for 2-way communication. It offers configuration via web interface and remote volume configuration.

How to Set Up the Snom PA1

The Snom PA1 is configured via its web interface menu. In your Telzio account, first create a user and extension for the device, then visit the IP address of the device in your web browser to enter the settings.

Visit our step by step guide on how to set up the Snom PA1 with Telzio.

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Intercom & Paging Solutions

Telzio provides intercom and paging features for offices and industrial spaces when a PA system is not the best solution.

Simply using desk phones, businesses can implement intercom and paging with their existing Telzio service.

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