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Diana Chu

Diana Chu

Diana is the Chief Customer Officer at Telzio and enjoys helping customers get the most out of their Telzio services.

How to Transfer Calls to a Group of Users

February 26, 2018

With your Telzio phone system, you can transfer calls to an entire group of users by simply giving the group an extension, and transferring the call to that extension. You might find this useful when you’re on a call that needs to be transferred to another department, but not any specific user. When you transfer a call to a group, the first user to answer will get the call.

How to Transfer Calls to a Group

In order to transfer calls to a group, you’ll need to first group your users and give the group an extension. You can do all that on your Telzio Dashboard.

  1. On the Users page, click New Groupin the upper right-hand corner.

A blue button to add a new group.

  1. Enter a Group TitleGroup Extension, and and clickAdd Group.

Settings for adding a new group, with a field to enter the group name and extension.

  1. Assign your users to the Group. You can do that by clicking on the User and selecting the applicable Group(s) for that User.

Settings for adding a new group, with a drop down list of all your users.

  1. Now you can dial the Group extension to call everyone in that Group, and also transfer calls to the Group!

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