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Jennifer Chen

June 29, 2018

SMS Phone Numbers Now Available in 15 Countries

Telzio offers SMS phone numbers in 15 countries that can be used for texting in addition to calling. Browse our extensive inventory to find local and toll free phone numbers that are SMS enabled, and use your SMS numbers from anywhere.

We now offer SMS phone numbers in 15 countries that can be used for texting in addition to calling. All local and toll free phone numbers in the US and Canada are SMS enabled. In all other countries besides the US and Canada, we offer local phone numbers that can be used for texting. You can browse our inventory to find SMS-enabled phone numbers and add them to an existing plan.

The countries where we currently support SMS include:

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • Chile

  • Denmark

  • France

  • Iceland

  • Israel

  • Netherlands

  • Poland

  • Romania

  • Russian Federation

  • Sweden

  • Ukraine

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

How to Get an SMS Phone Number

To find an SMS-enabled phone number, follow these steps.

  1. Log into your Telzio Dashboard, and navigate to Plans and Numbers.
  2. Click on Add Numbersin the top right corner.

Button for adding phone numbers.
  1. Select a country for your new number. (Remember that you can use international phone numbers from any location.)

List of 56 country flags where you can get phone numbers.
  1. Select Local Number if you’re in a country outside of US/Canada. (Currently only local phone numbers outside of the US/Canada are SMS enabled.)

Danish flag, with two options for selecting either a local phone number or a toll free phone number.
  1. Use the sort and filter functions to search for phone numbers. SMS enabled phone numbers are indicated by the SMS icon under the column. If the phone number does not support SMS, the icon under the SMS icon will display an X.

List of local phone numbers in Denmark and their cost, along with a button to purchase the numbers.
  1. Click Add to add the phone numbers to your cart. You will be able to review the prices before purchasing the number.
  2. Click Nextto proceed to edit your plan. Move the slider to add SMS usage to your plan. You can come back and edit your plan anytime as needed. (All inbound text messages are included.)

Two scrolling sliders to adjust minutes and SMS usage for a local phone number plan.
  1. Review the plans details and price, and click Next. You will be able to review the plan and price again on the next page before purchasing the number.

Outline of plan details including price and taxes for a local phone number in Denmark.
  1. The last step is the confirmation page where you can review the details of the plan, the number of minutes and text messages included in your plan, and the pricing breakdown. Click Confirm to purchase the number.
  2. Once you’ve purchased the number, you’ll need to configure the Inbound Call Destination and Inbound SMS Destination for your new number in order to get it working. Without setting the inbound destinations, the system will not know where to send your incoming calls and texts.

Sending and Receiving SMS

The easiest way to send and receive text messages is via the mobile app and through the Dashboard. You can find the SMS composer in the bottom right corner of the page, where you can quickly send and receive texts. Hold your mouse over the phone icon to reveal SMS, located between the webphone and the fax icons. Incoming text messages can be routed to a single employee, a group, an email, or another phone number. Learn more about how to configure the Inbound SMS Destination. You can also send and receive texts on the SMS page of your Dashboard, as well as view SMS history.

A dropdown menu titled Inbound SMS, with options to route incoming text messages to a User, Group, Email, External Phone Number, or No Destination.
Three buttons indicating a webphone, SMS, and fax.

Distributing Incoming Text Messages to Coworkers

Telzio offers a Reassign tool, where you can forward text messages to another user to take over the conversation. You can access the reassign tool on the SMS page of your Dashboard.

Visit our blog post “3 Tools for Managing Company Text Messages” to learn more about collaborating on text messages.

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