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Jennifer Chen

June 18, 2015

TAG Energy Turns to Telzio for High Volume Phone System

TAG Energy uses Telzio for their business phone system.

The TAG team heard about Telzio’s cloud based phone systems through the grapevine, which came just in time as they opened their newest office in the OC and needed to set up a high volume phone system that would work for their sales and recruiting teams. Half a year ago, the lights were on, the phones were set up, and recruiting began for the new unit.

TAG Energy handles the customer acquisition and retention for Fortune 500 and blue chip companies in the business supply and solar industries. TAG is based in Orange County with multiple branch offices and sales teams who are frequently on the road.

Mani D leads the newly formed office in Irvine, and was responsible for choosing and implementing a proper phone system for their high volume calling needs. As a successful sales and consulting firm, TAG Energy wanted not only an economical solution but most importantly a reliable system with good sound quality and the right features.

Mani described her pain points with their last telephone provider as “lacking basic features like caller ID and charging extra fees for all the add-ons.” She goes on to say that:

We needed a system that would allow us to handle the high volume of calls we make with candidates, customers, and internally. Having an IVR menu is important, and the ability to communicate within the office.

In the TAG office, you’ll find a few different models of IP phones depending on their special purpose, from Grandstreams to Ciscos. At times you want a desk phone, which at the end of the day is always going to give you the best call quality, reliability, and ease of use. Sometimes it’s convenient to have a cordless phone so you can walk around the office. Other times you need to be on the road, so you use the mobile app.

With both telecommuting and office staff, each of the TAG employees or “users” can easily use both their desk phone and their mobile app.

It’s important to understand the costs of users when choosing a phone system for a company like TAG who have large teams with high needs. Traditionally, phone companies charge per user, so when you do the math it’s not hard to see the cost savings.

Mani was able to set up phones for her entire staff with Telzio’s easy to use platform and helpful support. Telzio offers a pre-configuration service so the phones are delivered ready for calling, but with the step by step guides, they were able to get it all up and running themselves. If there were any questions, a quick chat with Telzio support quickly fixed the issue.

At the end of the day, the best benefit of using Telzio is that “it’s easy, customizable, affordable, and it just works,” says Mani.

Telzio works great for small businesses and teams like TAG Energy who need a highly functioning phone system without the high costs and technical requirements. Since using Telzio six months ago they’ve had no downtime with their service and have seen tremendous cost savings. With Telzio, additional TAG offices will be easy to scale/manage and the cost savings will only increase from there.