Telzio supports LIFT Communities

LIFT Communities is a nonprofit that focuses on a one-on-one mentoring approach to helping families break the cycle of poverty. First, LIFT partners with early-childhood organizations to find families in need, and then they match clinically-trained mentors with parents and caregivers to provide coaching and resources to improve their economic situation. LIFT currently serves communities in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago, and New York.

LIFT started using Telzio as the phone system for their Los Angeles office in 2016, and then expanded to using Telzio at their Chicago location as well.

Information Systems Manager at LIFT Communities, Alex Graves, wrote to us with his thoughts on their experience with Telzio, as quoted throughout this article.

I wanted to reach out and to you to let you know how happy we are with the service and how much it is helping us better serve the communities in which we are located.

The LA phone system has worked flawlessly with consistent uptime, and at a price that no other company can compete with.

A key element to the success of LIFT’s mentoring program is the strength and trust of the relationships built between mentors and their mentees. Regular and open communication enable these trusted relationships to develop. LIFT coaches help families with financial planning, educational opportunities, and jobs that can provide more economic stability.

These are some of the tools LIFT uses to keep their communications working seamlessly.

Mobile App

LIFT mentors use the Telzio mobile app to keep in touch with their mentees. With the app, mentors can call and text from any location, while keeping a separate Telzio line on their cell phone.

Each of our coaches is using the Telzio app to maintain constant contact with the members that they are working with.

The app is free to download and can be used in addition to a desk phone. Telzio Users can be connected to multiple devices at no extra cost, so they can choose to use both the mobile app and desk phones.

Voicemail Management

Using the voicemail management system on the Telzio Dashboard, LIFT is able to make sure that new requests are given the proper attention. Staff can manage new voicemails on the Dashboard, and then forward messages to the right person.

The ability to centrally manage voicemail and assign them to users within the system has been a huge help in stopping requests from falling through the cracks as well as tracking who each of our coaches are working with.

Staff can listen to, comment, and forward voicemail messages directly on the Dashboard. Voicemails can also be transcribed at no extra cost.

Voicemail on Telzio Dashboard containing a play button, voicemail transcription, internal comments, and tools to reassign, comment, tag, and delete the voicemail.

Text / SMS

LIFT mentors can also text with their mentees from the app and the Dashboard. When a new text message comes in to the main line, staff can forward the message to the right person to take over the text conversation.

In addition to the call routing system, they are taking advantage of SMS, and using the admin dashboard to assign text threads.

On the Dashboard, users can manage their text messages, reassign text messages to another user, and even tag and comment on messages for internal reference.

SMS on Telzio Dashboard, containing the text, a field for messaging and commenting, and tools to reassign, tag, and delete the message.

Remote Management for Distributed Offices

Based in Washington, D.C., Alex has been able to set up the Telzio phone system for the LA and Chicago offices remotely. Everything from setting up a phone menu with a custom greeting to call routing to different departments can be done with Telzio Call Flows.

A Telzio Call Flow for a customer info line, starting with a phone menu followed by three options for a queue, two other phone menus.

Example of a Telzio Call Flow

Alex set up separate Call Flows for each office that might look similar to this one. Alternatively, he could use the same Call Flow for all their numbers. Creating Call Flows is easy and free, so he can modify their configuration for any of the offices anytime he needs to.

Real Stories

Check out stories from real LIFT members and learn about how you can get involved!

A group of people who work at LIFT communities gathered for a photo wearing their LIFT tee shirts.

Diana is the Chief Customer Officer at Telzio and enjoys helping customers get the most out of their Telzio services.