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Jennifer Chen

June 3, 2018

Make Calls Through Your Browser with the Telzio Webphone

The Telzio Webphone enables calling directly through your browser. Empower remote teams with calling capabilities they can use from anywhere, and manage everything through an intuitive online Dashboard.

Today we’re celebrating the launch of the Telzio Webphone, which enables you to make calls through your browser – without downloading any software! The webphone is built right into the Dashboard, so there’s no installation or configuration required. Just log into the Telzio website to start calling.

Telzio Webphone making and answering calls.

Desk Phones Optional

The webphone syncs with your other devices, so you can continue to use desk phones and the mobile app. Considering that nearly half of all Americans work remotely at some point during the week, the webphone is a significant productivity booster. The webphone’s calling features enable managing busy phone lines from anywhere, and makes it easier and more flexible to manage queues with remote workers.

No Configuration Required

It goes without saying that the webphone significantly reduces the costs of deployment. Whether it’s transitioning from landlines to VoIP, or ongoing deployment of new users, the webphone is included and has no setup requirements, thus eliminating the cost of hardware and configuration time. With just their username and password, Telzio users can log into the website and start making calls.

The Telzio Webphone eliminates the cost of purchasing phones. IP phones are optional and can be integrated into the phone system at any point.

Intuitive Calling Features

The webphone is equipped with intuitive calling features and unlimited call waiting, enabling you to manage multiple ongoing calls at once. No training is required with the webphone. The visual interface and familiar buttons are easy to navigate, and handy tooltips tell you what the buttons do when you hover over them.

User Directory

Also available with the webphone is a contacts list. You can search for other users in your organization and dial them with one click. Colored status indicators tell you who’s currently on a call, who’s available, and who’s offline.

SMS and Fax

In addition to the webphone, you might’ve notice the newly designed SMS and fax tools. The webphone, SMS, and fax are always located in the corner of your Dashboard, accessible whenever you need it. Now you can manage all your texts, voicemails, faxes, and calls in one place.

Browser-Based Softphone

The Telzio Webphone is a browser-based softphone that doesn’t require you to install any software. Unlike softphone applications that you have to download and then configure for each and every user, the Telzio Webphone is already built-into the User Dashboard. All you have to do is sign into the Telzio website to start making calls.

Visit your Dashboard to start calling now, or sign up for a free trial to test it out!

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