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Diana Chu

May 7, 2015

Tiny Scholars Daycare Takes its First Steps in the Cloud

Tiny Scholars Daycare uses a cloud phone system from Telzio.

Tiny Scholars Daycare opened enrollment for its first season of Mandarin-English immersion school this fall for children ages 2 to 5. The family daycare in Redondo Beach, California is run by experienced preschool supervisor and certified teacher, Teresa Kaufman, who came to Telzio for a cloud based phone system for her new business.

Telzio sent me an office phone that works and sounds great, and all I had to do was plug it in and it worked,” says Kaufman. “With Telzio, parents are able to reach the school anytime on the office phone or on the mobile app, but it’s also important that I can filter calls so I can be 100% focused on the children.

Telzio delivered to Tiny Scholars a pre-configured Grandstream GXP2160 phone, and when the phone arrived the school immediately started receiving calls and reservations from interested parents.

As a brand new business, Tiny Scholars didn’t have to deal with legacy phone issues, but was new to setting up phone systems and didn’t have any IT staff on board yet.

I explained to the Telzio support staff what I needed, and they set it all up for me and even made some suggestions that have been really helpful. Having set business hours and pre-recorded greetings allows me to present information to new parents while giving me a chance to call them back if I’m busy giving a tour.

Prior to opening their doors, Tiny Scholars had to obtain the proper licensing to run a daycare, and in the meantime they were able to set up their phone system, website, and initial staffing needs. Telzio offered the flexibility Tiny Scholars needed during this initial, pre-revenue stage, with a month-to-month plan that cost only a few dollars and still had all the advanced features.

Despite the fact that Tiny Scholars had no IT experts on hand, Telzio support was able to get everything set up on their behalf instantly over the phone. When the mom-preneur first looked into a phone system, she had an idea of how she needed it to work but she had no idea how to make it all happen. Now, she can go to the Telzio website and make any changes she needs to her phone system with a few simple clicks.

Telzio provided Tiny Scholars with a local phone number for their South Bay-based business, establishing their presence and focus on the nearby neighborhoods.

Parents will still get my cell phone number for emergencies, but Telzio covers all my bases so I can be business owner, teacher, wife, and mom.

With Telzio, Tiny Scholars utilizes one main business phone number and is able to connect as many devices as needed, from stationary desk phones in the preschool and in the office, as well as mobile phones, all for the price of one phone number. With the other options available for business phone systems, Tiny Scholars would have ended up with a significantly higher bill, a lengthy contract, and limited, overseas support.

Tiny Scholars’ choice to use Telzio was a no-brainer when it came to price, flexibility, and service. Telzio has no setup fees, commitments, or hardware requirements, making it easy for new and transitioning businesses to get started.