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Jennifer Chen

Jennifer Chen

Jennifer is part of the content marketing team at Telzio, providing insight and tips on how Telzio can be used to optimize business communications and customer service.

Tip Tuesday: Transfer Calls Directly to a User's Voicemail

February 16, 2015

0 plus the person’s extension

For example, a caller reaches your business and the receptionist answers. The caller wants to speak to you on extension 100, but the receptionist can see the busy lamp blinking red for your extension, indicating that you are currently on a phone call. Caller wishes to leave a voicemail, so the receptionist dials 0-1-0-0, hangs up the phone, and sends the caller directly to your voicemail.

To check the voicemail for your extension, press the voicemail button or dial *98, and it will take you to the voicemail settings where you can check messages and update your greeting.

Learn more about how to transfer calls on our support pages.