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Josh Epstein

March 18, 2019

Use SIP Tokens to Simplify Password Management

Telzio has come up with a way to make managing login credentials for your organization’s users simpler with SIP Tokens.

If you want to send chills down the spine of the IT person in just about any organization, all you need to do is utter one simple phrase and watch them curl into a ball. What is that phrase, you ask? “Password reset.”

Password management is absolutely key in the modern IT security environment. However, it can cause endless headaches for both your users and your IT staff. If your office is using a VoIP phone system, it can be an even bigger problem. Luckily, Telzio has come up with a way to make managing login credentials for your organization’s users simpler with SIP Tokens.

What are SIP Tokens?

SIP Tokens are an effective alternative to the traditional passwords used to log devices on to VoIP services. They are separate from users’ account passwords and do not change when those passwords do. SIP tokens may only be used to connect IP phones to the Telzio service, and are not a replacement for users' passwords for their account or logging into the Telzio app.

Why use SIP Tokens?

Most IT departments require regular changes to user passwords. The interval at which these changes take place varies from company to company, but most range between every thirty days to every six months.

If a customer uses their regular Telzio password in order to log their IP phones onto the system, they're taking a risk. When (in compliance with their company IT security policy), they change the password for their Telzio account, the password installed on the phone will no longer be valid. This causes the phone to drop off of the service and be unusable.

Using SIP tokens, which do not change when a user changes their account password, allows the desk phone to maintain its connection to the Telzio service.

How to use SIP Tokens with Telzio

To create SIP tokens, you must either be logged in to the Telzio website as the Account Owner or Administrator, or have permissions to manage users.

  1. Go to Users and click on a user to create a SIP Token.
  2. Scroll to the SIP Information section of the page.
  3. Click the green New SIP Token button, and give your token a name.
1. Click **Update Setting**.

You can now configure your IP phone with the user's username and use the SIP token instead of the user's password.

While they may seem like magic to the uninitiated, SIP Tokens are actually a very easy way to make life simpler for your users. Generate it. Install it. Stop worrying.

Also, reset your Telzio password (and the rest of your passwords) regularly. Your IT department will thank you.

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