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Thomas Han

Thomas Han

Thomas has an education in electrical engineering and background in software development.

Are Used Business Phone Systems a Better Deal?

January 27, 2014

I was asked to write a blog post to address if buying a used business phone system is a better deal than buying a new one. It’s a tricky question because the best advice is not to buy a phone system at all, but rather to subscribe to a cloud based phone system to eliminate hardware and equipment costs.

In this article, I’m going to point out why in 2014 you shouldn’t be shopping for a used business phone system when there are much more cost effective and functional solutions available.

Traditional vs Hosted Business Phone Systems

Choosing the right business phone system can be a struggle between increasing functionality and staying under budget. If you don’t have some technical knowledge or relevant experience, shopping for business phone systems can be overwhelming because the market is flooded with options and newer better technology is always coming out.

Depending on the size of your office and the complexity of your setup, the equipment including desk phones for all your employees and IT requirements just to get started could start adding up to a hefty price. To save money, many of us might look at used or refurbished alternatives, but when it comes to phone systems, shopping vintage is never the way to go.


Traditionally, business phone systems consisted of an on-site PBX where a service technician would come on-site to program special features, add extensions for new hires, and everything in between. Today, business phone systems are hosted on shared servers, aka cloud based phone systems.

The need for on-site servers, hardware, and traditional PBX systems are over. Sharing hosted server space also means sharing and reducing ongoing costs and headaches for things like maintenance and updates. Cloud based phone systems offer the functionality of traditional phone systems at a fraction of the cost.


Losing hardware doesn’t mean losing features. In fact, it’s become easier and faster to implement and change your own settings with new emerging VoIP solutions. The ability to customize and manage your business phone system online is available through VoIP service providers like Telzio, that offer an easy web-based solution.


Not only are used business phone systems unwieldy and expensive, they lack the ability to connect mobile devices and remote workforces. Forbes estimates that in 9 years 41% of the workforce will be working from home, so the ability to stay connected with remote employees through a mobile solution is only becoming more critical for business owners.

Hosted VoIP solutions allow businesses to keep teams and regions connected under one virtual phone system. Cloud based phone systems unify employees and offices regardless of where in the world they are located because all you need to do is connect to the Internet and your entire phone system is at your fingertips.


Given the cost benefits, scalability, and increased functionality available through hosted business phone systems, considering a used business phone system doesn’t make sense. With the modern age of the Internet and the evolution of VoIP, physical equipment is a thing of the past. Used phone systems, like legacy phone systems, are becoming obsolete along with analog landlines because Internet software is the most efficient way to deliver telephony services. Don’t get stuck with old technology and start moving your business to the cloud.

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