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Diana Chu

April 17, 2018

User Directory and BLF Status in Mobile App

The latest update to the Telzio Mobile App Version 4.4.0 includes a Global User Directory, BLF Status, and Answered Elsewhere information.

This mobile update deserves a special announcement! There are three new features with this release, including a Global Directory, User Status, and Answered Elsewhere.

  1. There is now a Global User Directory located in the app, where you can 1-touch dial anyone in your company.
  2. Also in the User Directory is info on User Status, a feature traditionally known as “BLF”. BLF stands for Busy Lamp Fields, and refer to the programmable keys on office phones that light up red when someone is on a call. In the Telzio Mobile app, you can view the status of each User as indicated by:RedBlinking RedBusyRingingGreenClearAvailableOffline
  3. The third update is a detail in the call log. Now when a call is answered from another phone, the log in the app will show the call as “answered elsewhere“.