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Telzio is the next generation phone system for businesses, providing a streamlined business VoIP solution to reduce communication costs and increase functionality.

With a business VoIP system from Telzio, your business can take advantage of advanced professional features for just the price of a phone number - starting at $1 per month.

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Cisco IP Phone

Upgrading to Business VoIP is Necessary

Business VoIP is replacing traditional phone systems and will soon become the norm. With its feature-rich technology and affordable pricing, business VoIP increases functionality and substantially reduces communication costs for all businesses - regardless of size.

A complete business phone system that would previously cost tens of thousands dollars to custom develop now only costs $1 per month with Telzio. With a business VoIP plan from Telzio, any user can utilize and manage advanced features by simply logging online.

Telzio covers over 50 countries

Reduce communication costs.

Customers on average save over 50 percent on their phone expenses by switching to business VoIP with Telzio. Unlike most other business VoIP providers, Telzio does not charge for additional features or users. Every Telzio plan includes one phone number, all features, and unlimited users. Additional phone numbers can be purchased for just $1 per month.

Local rates on international calls
One of the many advantages of VoIP is low calling rates. Telzio passes on ideal last-mile pricing to our customers, meaning that all international calls are charged at the local rate of the country being called.

Small Business Owner using Telzio

Increase functionality.

Business VoIP technology brings enterprise level features to small businesses. Every Telzio phone system comes with complete professional features to make any small business sound like a big company. Telzio does not charge extra for special features like call recording, custom phone greetings, or extensions. All features are included with every plan.

  • Call Forwarding
  • Phone Menus
  • SIP Support
  • Business Hour Filters
  • Conference Calls
  • Hold Music
  • Call Screening
  • Call Recording
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • Call Logs
  • Phone Analytics
Telzio Flow Designer

Stop Relying on IT Consultants.

Telzio is designed to grow with your business, so you can easily update and scale your phone system as your communication needs change without calling an IT specialist.

Through Telzio’s one-of-a-kind customer interface, any non-technical user can set up or administer immediate changes to the phone system with a few simple clicks. All you need is Internet access to manage your Telzio phone system.

The Telzio Team

The Right Business VoIP Provider for Your Company

Telzio offers the most affordable and flexible business VoIP phone systems that can be easily implemented and modified instantly by simply logging online. With a visually intuitive interface that any non-technical user can easily navigate, you will never need to call an IT expert to help you set up or make changes to your phone system.

Customize your phone system as much as your business requires. Set up a simple call forwarding action to direct all incoming calls to your mobile phone, or create a custom phone menu to route callers to the right place in your company.

Whether your company is currently looking for a phone system to support a single phone number or multiple office locations with remote workers, Telzio can handle all your needs. Telzio provides bulk pricing, advanced features, and unlimited users to all customers from day one - and it’s easy to make changes, anytime.

With convenient features like call forwarding, Telzio connects your entire team under one phone system. It’s easy to add additional phone numbers for just $1 per month, or add up to as many users as you need to a single phone number at no extra cost.

Telzio’s world-class development team is on the forefront of business VoIP technology and ensures that your phone system is feature-rich and never experiences any downtime. With a highly developed, carrier-grade infrastructure and multiple backup servers in remote locations, Telzio securely delivers business VoIP service to customers all over the world.

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