A complete cloud phone system.

Powerful enough for call centers. Easy to use for small businesses.

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Example of the Telzio console's phone menu editor

Simple access to advanced features

Our self-service website is elegantly designed and focused on simple configuration. We offer an intuitive online dashboard where you can effortlessly manage services and communications.

A complete phone system
for your business.

Whether you’re an internet, professional services, or brick and mortar business, our thoughtful design and innovative approach to telephone communications help your business be more productive and grow faster.

A computer showing the Telzio Call Flow editor.

Discover how businesses use Telzio

Frequently Asked Questions

  • phone_iphone More flexibility to connect with your customers.
    Integrate mobile devices with your phone system so your teams can work from any location.
  • people Sophisticated features that anyone can manage.
    Implement advanced communication tools instantly without any hardware or programming.
  • toll Simple and effective pricing that saves you money.
    Define your own pricing by customizing flexible plans that fit your exact needs.
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Telzio is for Business Users and IT Administrators

We believe in innovation first. Our team is passionate about developing the best solutions in cloud communications, and our customers benefit from continual improvements and exceptional quality.

We design our platform to be easy to customize, manage, and scale for administrators, regardless of their technical level. Our one-of-a-kind website introduces a streamlined, scalable interface that enables you to be up and running in minutes.

Designed for easy management and growth.

  • Website that’s easy to navigate and manage all your services.
  • Dashboard with an overview of your most important and recent communications.
  • Simple guides, documentation, and tips to make configuring features effortless.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly supporters to help you with any questions.
  • Freedom to add services and users without commitments.
Example of the Telzio console's dashboard in action