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  • Local rates on all international calls
  • Unlimited office locations and users/employees
  • Easy online setup in minutes - no technical skills needed
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Complete Business VoIP Solution

Telzio is a complete virtual phone system with enterprise-class features and small business-friendly pricing and usability. The first virtual phone system to truly bring a seamless experience for non-technical users, Telzio makes setting up and managing a full-featured phone system easy and affordable.

The Telzio small business phone system reduces costs, hardware, and headache for businesses looking to upgrade their communications to newer VoIP technology. Telzio is a cloud based VoIP provider that enables small businesses to take advantage of all the benefits enjoyed by big companies - at a fraction of the cost.

Telzio customers typically save around 50 to 70 percent on their phone expenses after switching to a Telzio small business phone plan. Telzio passes on last-mile pricing to customers, meaning all calls are charged at the local calling rate of the country being called.

No Downtime

Telzio is built on a carrier-grade platform with multiple backup servers hosted in remote data centers in North America and Europe.

Telzio has not experienced any downtime since launching in mid 2013.

Do-It-Yourself Communications

Small business owner

Telzio’s dashboard makes it easy for any non-technical user to set up a phone system, manage calls, and administer settings.

Forget IT support and technical skills - all you need is access to the Internet. Small business owners can take control of their communications and make changes to their phone system anytime by simply signing in online.

Professional Features

Telzio Call Flow Editor

With a complete set of professional phone features, small businesses can sound like a major corporation. Even small businesses on a limited budget can get all features and unlimited users for just $1 per month. Through the highly intuitive call flow editor, users can determine how to route incoming calls with features like opening hour filters, call forwarding, phone menus, conference calls, and voicemail.

Call forwarding provides flexibility for mobile workers and remote offices. Calls can be forwarded to any phone number in the world, including mobile phones, landlines, and IP phones. With standard and toll free numbers available from 51 countries, Telzio connects international offices and customers to your business under one phone system.

Telzio can be used to connect to an IP phone, forward calls to your mobile phone, route calls to any number of employees, host conference calls, and receive voicemails - all at once. Telzio flexible administration enables small businesses to scale their phone system as their business grows. From a startup with a single phone number forwarding straight to a mobile phone, to a multinational corporation with multiple numbers and a fully automated IVR menu, Telzio handles it all.

What is Telzio?

Telzio is a virtual phone system for small businesses, providing international and toll free numbers, advanced features, and extremely low calling rates. Ideal for businesses looking to switch to VoIP, add additional users, expand to international offices, and reduce overall communications expenses, Telzio is an all-in-one professional phone solution delivering reliable VoIP services to businesses of all sizes. Easy to set up and manage for first time users - even with no technical skills at all.