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Diana Chu

September 17, 2019

Get Your Dream Vanity Number from the Toll Free Auction

The FCC is auctioning off 17,000 new toll free numbers. Learn how to submit a bid through Telzio and get your dream vanity number.

On December 17, 2019, the FCC is launching a toll free number auction for the bidding and sale of new toll free numbers. The sealed-bid auction will include over 17,000 phone numbers from the latest toll free code - 833. Now is your chance to secure the ideal toll free vanity number for your company or campaign.

This is the firstlast and may be the auction ever. The FCC is running the auction as an experiment to analyze the most efficient way to assign toll free numbers. This is the only time a batch of new toll free numbers has ever been made available for competitive bidding to the general public.

From now until October 16th, you can submit bids for the toll free number auction through Telzio. Premium toll free numbers can be re-sold for over $1 million once they hit the market, and are valuable assets to your business.

This is the perfect time to lock down the ideal vanity number for your business before it is released to the public.

Here are the details of the auction.

Quick Facts

Numbers Available:
Submission Deadline:
Auction Date:

Minimum Bid:

A Glance at Available Numbers

Here are just some of the toll free numbers that you can bid on out of the 17,639 on auction:

  • 833-333-3333
  • 833-500-0000
  • 833-777-7777
  • 833-888-8888
  • 833-REALTOR
  • 833-BREWERY
  • 833-HOTDOGS
  • 833-PLUMBER
  • 833-CLOGGED
  • 833-LAWSUIT
  • 833-INSURED
  • 833-FLOWERS
  • 833-PUPPIES

Available Numbers & Auction Order Form

How the Auction Works

This is a vickrey single round blind bid auction.

  • You submit your bid once.
  • You cannot see other bids.
  • Winner pays second bid price. i.e. If you bid $500 and the runner up bids $100, then you only pay $100.
  • Winners will be notified on December 18th.

Auction Rules

  • You cannot bid on the same number through multiple service providers.
  • Reselling and warehousing of auctioned numbers is allowed.
  • Bids must be paid in full by the submission deadline - October 16th, 2019 at 6:00PM PST.

How to Submit a Bid

  • Bids can be submitted by completing this **Auction Order Form**and emailing it to Once a complete order form is received, Telzio will send you a payment order within 48 hours.
  • Payment orders must be paid in full no later than October 16th. Payments processed after October 16th will be returned, and bids will not be submitted. Please allow sufficient time for payment processing.
  • Losing bids will be refunded by November 17th, 2019.

Bids & Fees

  • Minimum Bid: $100
  • Bidding Fee: $10 per number*(Nonrefundable)*
  • Winning Commission: 5% of bid (Refunded on losing bids)

Official 833 Toll Free Number Auction Site

Official Bidding Instructions

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