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How to Get a Vanity Number in 3 Steps

How to Get a Vanity Number in 3 Steps

January 6, 2020

September 17, 2019

June 30, 2021

June 30, 2021

Vanity phone numbers spell out a word or phrase related to your business. They’re easy for customers to remember, and add credibility to brands. Even in 2019, in a world where marketing consists of social media, SEO, and Google Ads, businesses can still get a lot of mileage out of building a brand and marketing campaigns around vanity numbers. To this day, the vanity phone number remains a staple of taxis and billboards, television commercials and print ads. And then, there’s the potential for jingles—the OG equivalent of going viral. 

How to Get a Vanity Number

  1. Sign into Telzio (or start with a free trial).
  2. Search our inventory of local and toll free numbers. 
  3. Instantly register the phone number online. 

Need some helping finding a custom phone number? Our specialists are ready to help you set up phone service for your new vanity number. 

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In addition to the traditional benefits of a vanity number, there are virtual phone tools today that make them even more effective. Here’s a look at 10 FAQs about vanity numbers and the added benefits they can bring to your business. 

1. Can I track ROI on vanity numbers for marketing campaigns?

Building relationships is a lot of work, and you want to make sure you set yourself up for proper tracking to make sure you get a return on your investment.  

If you’re looking for a way to track the ROI of specific campaigns, you can set up vanity phone numbers that correspond with each marketing channel or campaign. For instance, you might use different numbers to segment campaigns by medium--print versus radio versus TV. 

Whether you’re using a vanity number, a toll free number, or a local number, Telzio Call Analytics provides an easy and powerful way to make sure you understand which channels drive the most traffic. 

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2. Can I text with a toll free vanity number? 

We all know that more companies are incorporating SMS into their communications strategy and providing text messaging as a way for customers to get in touch for customer service. One of the benefits of toll free numbers today, is that they can be used for text messaging. This means that if you’re using a toll free vanity number for a marketing campaign or as your main line for business calls, you can send and receive texts on it as well. 

3. Can I customize the caller ID name on my vanity number? 

You can take it one step further with your vanity number by registering your business name as your caller ID, a feature known as CNAM. CNAM is short for Caller ID name, and consists of the phone number and name that appears when calls are made from your phone numbers. 

4. Should I get a local or toll free vanity number? 

Toll free phone numbers are instantly recognized as business numbers and imply that you have a national presence. 

While it’s possible to get a vanity number from your local area code, toll free numbers takes things a step further, proving that you take branding seriously, down to the tiniest details. On top of that, local numbers are more limited, and thus finding the exact vanity number you want might not be possible. 

It’s all about your presence and your brand. Vanity toll free numbers signal trust and legitimize your small business. 

5. What makes a good vanity number? 

Prime examples of valuable vanity numbers include 1-800-Flowers or 800-ALLSTATE—numbers that customers can easily remember. 1-800-FLOWERS is an interesting example here, as they’ve built their entire business around the phone number—it might not be the right strategy for everyone, but everyone remembers what telephone number to dial to order flowers.

This becomes more crucial when you’re running expensive advertising campaigns and need to make sure that people can recall the number after seeing it on the side of a bus earlier that day. 

Another idea is embracing repetition. Repeating digits might not spell anything out, but they are extremely easy to remember. Think of those Cellino and Barnes commercials —800-888-8888— the number doesn’t spell an actual word, but it’s easy to remember, something that is reinforced further with a jingle. 

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6. Can I keep my vanity number if I switch phone service providers?

Phone numbers are proprietary business assets. 

As per the FCC’s number portability rules, when you invest in a phone number, that number is yours as long as you want to hang on to it. You're not bound to any one phone company and can port it to a different provider anytime you'd like. Number porting is the process of moving your phone number from one carrier to another. Even if you have an outstanding bill, providers are obligated to port out your number. 

Like real property, equipment, and website domains - phone numbers are assets to your business. 

When legal partners Cellino & Barnes split up, they were faced with the difficult decision of who would get to keep the coveted 800-888-8888 phone number. Turns out, the new Barnes firm spent a whopping $900,000 for a new "high-value" telephone number — 800-800-0000.  

7. How can a vanity number enhance lead generation? 

Lead generation is one of the more challenging parts of running a business. Not only do you need to make sure that you get people to call, email, or visit your site—you also want to make sure that you get the right people. In other words, people that are ready, willing, and able to buy.

If you’ve looked into anything digital marketing related, you’re probably familiar with the idea of intent. When you’re setting up paid ads on Google, say, you want the language in your ad to align with what searchers are looking for, as well as how close they are to making a purchase. 

When someone calls your vanity number after seeing an ad--that’s way more deliberate than clicking on an advertisement that shows up on Facebook or Google. We’re talking about prospects that remember a phone number, then pick up the phone and dial. 

While you’ll likely see less activity compared to social and search ads, leads generated from a vanity number stand to be more qualified. Think about it this way--would you rather have someone fill out a form or call you directly? Inbound calling eliminates several steps in the sales process, setting up a direct line between you and the customer. 

8. How do I route incoming calls on my vanity number? 

Telzio provides virtual phone features that can be easily customized online. You can create auto attendants with a professional phone menu and routing options through an intuitive dashboard, and route your incoming calls directly to the auto attendant. 

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Telzio offers additional features for managing incoming calls including: 

  • Hold music
  • Call queues
  • Business hours / scheduling
  • Call recording

9. Can I receive calls on my cell phone? 

Vanity numbers can be routed to desk phones, cell phones, and even computers. With the Telzio Mobile App, users can make and receive calls from the company phone number, separate from their personal line. 

10. Can I pick my own phone number? 

With Telzio, you can browse for vanity numbers across all toll free prefixes and local area codes to find the best one. Even if you change your mind, you can always swap out the number later. 

Final Thoughts

Vanity numbers are easy to setup and manage. With Telzio, you can manage all your phone numbers - local, toll free, and international - in one place. Whether it’s a temporary marketing campaign, or a permanent addition to your business, managing phone numbers with your Telzio phone system is easy and instant. 

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