Advantages of Internet Based Phone Systems

The Internet was the impetus for a lot of change in our lives over the course of the last two decades. From eCommerce to social media to crowd funding, every line of human communication has been enhanced, making this rock we travel around the sun on, a lot smaller!

This includes Internet Based Phone Systems [aka ‘Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol or VoIP].

Internet based phone service, like that provided by Telzio basically converts your voice vibrations into compressed digital signals, which converts to Internet Protocol (IP) packets. These IP packets are then transmitted across the Internet. The advantage for SMB [small-to-midsize business] users is they can now communicate from their desktop computers or smart phones. In so doing, users can replace their legacy telecom service with technology offering significant advantages, which we will explore today.

Reducing Telephone Expense from Budgets

You just can’t beat the cost savings. Traditional telecoms usually charge a hefty monthly fee in addition to long distance calls. Landline carriers often tack on extra fees per minute to deliver long distance calls to standard telephones.

Since internet based phone systems don’t have the types of excessive costs incurred by a traditional network, none of these associated operational costs are passed on to their users. VoIP subscribers also don’t have to invest in additional hardware as they can use their existing desktops and/or mobile phones to start using an internet based phone service on day one.

Easy Setup Process, No Hardware Installation Required

One of the other major reasons so many SMBs are signing up with Telzio is because it’s easy to set up and manage. Their service provides a complete virtual phone system with enterprise-class features and small business-friendly functionality and usability. It’s one of the first virtual phone systems to truly bring a seamless experience for non-technical users, where it makes setting up and managing a phone system an easy task.

Additionally, with an internet based phone system, you can finally eliminate all that cabling and the fire and clutter hassles of the electrical wiring still required by landlines.

Increased Flexibility & Mobility

A VoIP system like Telzio offers additional communication capabilities like custom phone menus, e-fax and SMS. Telzio is constantly adding improvements and integrations as an included part of their service, which means that customers continuously benefit from new features without paying any extra.

Telzio was one of the first to integrate with the Amazon Echo, enabling users to call Alexa from any location on their Telzio device to access the virtual assistant capabilities.

As far as mobility, VoIP users can communicate on-the-go, which is required by today’s fast-paced lifestyle. “Have Smartphone, Will Travel,” could very well be society’s mantra, particularly for those who use their phones for business purposes. All one needs today is a WiFi or 4G Internet connection.

Increased Productivity

Using VoIP technology enhances the overall productivity of an SMB owner or staff member, as it allows them to multitask on their desktop and/or mobile devices. A team of employees can also conduct virtual meetings, attach documents for review and share and discuss data through video conferencing.

As far as a company’s bottom-line, SMBs can now reallocate the previous traditional phone bill expense to other areas of the business that may be in greater need, where greater productivity can be achieved.

Voice Clarity

While internet phone service did incur critiques early on about voice clarity being less that optimal, over time companies like Telzio have enhanced the sound quality where it’s now indistinguishable from traditional telephony – and in some areas even better. Whereas a user might experience lagging transmission, distorted phone communication and dropped calls on other services, the VoIP quality at Telzio is unparalleled.

Fully Hosted PBX

Telzio as business-focused internet phone service also serves as a cloud-based PBX, which provides an SMB with the same professional approach to their clientele as a big brand. Switching to an internet-based phone service allows a SMB owner to set up a full-fledged phone system with an extensive set of features, including a phone extension for each staff member, even if you’re not physically all located in the same facility.

Expert Testimonials

With all of these advantages, making the switch [literally and figuratively] to internet based phone service from one’s landline should be a no-brainer for any SMB.

This past week in Andy Abramson’s VoIP Watch, he notes:

What’s so cool about Telzio is the simplicity, speed and elegance of all their integrations.

And VoIP strategist Steve Borsch noted in a recent review that:

If you are a startup, small business, non-profit, or any organization that has employees demanding that their calls go to multiple phones since they’re traveling or remote, you owe it to yourself to look in to my new VoIP phone provider, Telzio. I continue to be blown away with how easy Telzio is to configure, use, and manage.

There is little doubt that the time is now to join an internet based phone service, whether you are a small growing team or a established medium size company with existing telecom infrastructure. Prior to signing up for another multi-year contract or making any kind of commitment for another type of landline phone service, analyze VoIP’s economical services and enjoy and experience the advantages with a free trial from Telzio.

Ron is part of the marketing team at Telzio, covering everything from tips and tech for growing businesses to customer success stories for the Telzio blog.