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Jennifer Chen

September 21, 2015

Business Phone Systems for Nonprofits and Hotlines

Telzio powers hotlines and office phone systems for nonprofits around the globe.

Telzio provides cloud-based business phone systems that are easy to use for all types of small and medium sized businesses. Even startups and nonprofits with tight budgets can have a full-featured phone system with all the bells and whistles.

Telethons & Hotlines

Telzio offers affordable and functional business phone systems for nonprofits to host telethons and hotlines. Telzio can be used to make/receive calls, or simply to provide information to callers through automated greetings.

Toll free numbers are available from $5/month and volunteers can make/receive calls through mobile phones (with the mobile app), computers (with a softphone), and via desk phones. Incoming calls can ring multiple people at the same time, and the first to pick up will get the call. With just the one phone number, an infinite number of people can be making and receiving calls at the same time.

Discounts for Nonprofits

Telzio offers phones and phone service to charitable organizations at reduced prices, and with the free mobile app, users can BYOD (bring your own device) and work from their cell phones or existing IP phones.

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Telzio vs Traditional Phone Systems

Telzio is a cloud based alternative to traditional phone systems, where a PBX server would generally be stored in a closet somewhere in the office and each desk had to have an individual phone line, aka DID (direct inward dial). Instead, Telzio provides a “shared” PBX server space “in the cloud”, which eliminates the need for hardware, lowers costs, and increases functionality.

With Telzio you connect desk phones (IP phones) directly to the Internet network, and calls are made through a method called VoIP (voice over internet protocol). You can also use the mobile app to make calls, which makes it easy to work from anywhere.