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Call Parking Feature: How to Park Calls

Call Parking Feature: How to Park Calls

January 6, 2020

October 10, 2017

June 30, 2021

June 30, 2021

Call Parking is a feature in business phone systems that enables you to place a call on hold and let another employee resume the same call from a different phone. Compared to call transferring when you transfer a call directly to someone’s extension, call parking places the caller on hold in a designated parking extension, and allows another employee to pick up the call from any phone in the organization by dialing into the parked extension.

Call Parking is especially useful in industrial and creative spaces where employees are not always at their desk.

How Does Call Parking Work?

There are two ways of using the Call Parking feature with Telzio. You can start parking calls right away by transferring to extension 40, and you can assign the multi-purpose keys of your IP phones as “parking lots”.

Park Calls via Extension 40

To start parking calls instantly without any additional configuration, you can transfer calls to extension 40. Before hanging up, listen for the automated prompt to tell you where the call is parked. For example, the extension may be 41. If there are multiple calls parked, the extension may be 42, or 43.

Let’s say you answer an incoming call for Stan, who is somewhere on the warehouse floor. Here’s how you would park a call for him:

  1. While on an active call, press Transfer + 40 + Transfer
  2. Before you hang up, listen for the announcement (i.e., “Four-One”)
  3. Page Stan over the intercom to let him know he has a parked call waiting for him on extension 41.
  4. Stan can then pick up any phone in the company and dial 41 to connect to the parked call.

Assign Multi-Purpose Keys as Call Parking Extensions

To use Call Parking regularly, you can configure the multi-purpose keys on your IP phones as designated call parking extensions, or “parking lots”. When a parking lot is being used, the multi-purpose key will show as busy. You can designate as many multi-purpose keys as parking lots as needed for your company.

To learn more about configuring the multi-purpose keys on your IP phone, refer to the user manual for your phone.

Call Flip to Your Own Device

If you’re simply looking to continue an active call on one of your other devices, you can use the call flip feature. Call flip is used when you want to switch from your desk phone to a mobile phone or vice versa without hanging up the call. To flip an active call, transfer the call to your own extension.