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Ron Callari

Ron Callari

Ron is part of the marketing team at Telzio, covering everything from tips and tech for growing businesses to customer success stories for the Telzio blog.

Grandstream GDS3710 Integrates With Telzio

March 28, 2017

The Grandstream GDS3710 is an IP Video Door System that also serves as a high-definition surveillance camera and voice intercom to offer facility access control and security monitoring.

The Grandstream Video Door Phone can be configured with your Telzio service, and you can use your mobile device or IP phone to communicate with the door intercom.

The device can be internet-enabled via WiFi or ethernet cable.

With your Telzio service, the door phone is configured much like an IP phone and in essence becomes a user of the VoIP service.

Camera, Intercom, and Keyless Entry

Serving as a high-definition IP surveillance camera as well, the GDS3710 offers facility access control and security monitoring for buildings of all sizes.

The Grandstream Video Door Phone offers a 180-degree video viewing angle for wall-to-wall coverage, and has a built-in RFID chip reader for secure keyless entry.

It includes a built-in microphone and speaker to support the intercom functionality and offers alarm-in and alarm-out support for integration with existing security devices.

The GDS3710 integrates with Grandstream’s free management utility software and its GDS Manager, allowing RFID card information and video feeds. Powered by an advanced Image Sensor Processor (ISP) and state-of-the-art image algorithms, the GDS3710 delivers 1080p FHD video resolutions and offers exceptional performance in all lighting conditions.

It features SIP/VoIP technology with 2-way audio and video streaming feeds loaded directly to your iPhone or Android smart phones. The combination of the GDS3710, GS-Wave mobile app, and GVR350x NVR products provide a complete solution for access control, video intercom, and security recording needs.

Read more about the GDS3710 at Grandstream’s website.

Alternatives to Grandstream’s Video Door System

Aiphone is another IP Video Door System designed for commercial security. Differing somewhat from Grandstream’s GDS3710, in addition to a sophisticated video entry security system, Aiphone also offers the residential market a simple do-it-yourself door answering unit. With nearly 40 standard systems, the company prides itself on creating a system for virtually any intercom application.

Catering to the SMB market, Aiphone solutions secure entrances by keeping doors locked while identifying visitors. Here is a quick overview as to how this software system might work for your small business:

Video Door Systems for Business

The Grandstream Video Door Phone work benefit any business needing security and door-intercom capabilities, including warehouses and industrial spaces, apartment buildings, parking facilities and gate entry systems, logistics companies, health clinics, boutique retail stores and hotels, and bed & breakfasts (that lock their doors at a certain time during evening hours.)

Security IP Systems for Home

Here is list of door surveillance systems that entered the market in the last couple of years:

Modern Security

Many telephone entry and intercom manufacturers have been in the business going back some 80 years— and for most of that time the technology hasn’t changed all that much. Standalone units operating over plain old telephone service (POTS) were are go-to form of communication.

However, in recent years, the rise of IP and cellular technologies (in tandem with these dying legacy landlines) and the desire for more integrated approaches to security have changed things rapidly in this space.

This coupled with the mobile trend replacing the traditional hardware on a desk or wall, in addition to our personal computers — our smart phones can now become our security guard checkpoint for who is ‘a knocking at our doors.

Going forward, this technology will continue to advance. As discussed here, there are multiple products that will remotely open our doors from IP video systems and apps. The advent of VoIP now means intercoms and telephone entry systems are essentially blending technologies where it’s an easy installation for your Telzio account to connect with the latest IP Video Door System solutions.