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Diana Chu

August 2, 2017

How Transcript Research Quickly Adapts to Growing Demand

Transcript Research chooses Telzio for their cloud based business phone system.

A record high of more than 1 million foreign students came to the US for college last year, which means booming demand for specialized translation services like those provided by Transcript Research.

Transcript Research has a niche translating educational credentials for students pursuing study in the United States. Needless to say, communication is the core of their business.

Catering to both applicants and universities, Transcript Research operates on a global scale and relies on Telzio to power their telephone communications. With the continuously rising number of international students coming to the US each year, companies like Transcript Research are able to manage the business growth and increase in customer communications with the flexibility and functionality of Telzio’s platform.

Telzio enables companies with international customers like Transcript Research to customize their telephone system to manage the different types of callers contacting their business.

IVR Menus Provide Options and Information for Callers

Given the different country requirements and specialized training of Transcript Research staff, routing callers based on their reason for calling is necessary to get callers to the right phone agent. For this, Transcript Research uses Telzio’s IVR Menu feature to record a greeting with a number of different options for callers to choose from.

With Telzio’s Call Flows, Transcript Research is able to easily layer multiple IVR Menus to guide callers through different options and information.

Peggy at Transcript Research says:

I love how easy it is for non-technical people to figure out how to create a phone tree.

Peggy goes on to say:

It’s really great for small business owners, especially since we have several remote workers, and it allows us to add and remove phone recipients with ease!

Phone Queues Route Calls to Remote Workers

With Telzio’s Queue feature, callers are routed to agents based in different locations, and are placed on a temporary hold if all agents are busy. Agents can sign in and out of Queues as they leave and arrive for work, and adding new agents to the Telzio system is free and easy.

By setting a maximum hold time, the company can avoid putting callers on hold for too long.

The recommended max hold time is 5 to 10 minutes, as studies show that callers tend to hang up after 9 minutes.

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As the demand for higher education in the United States continues to rise, demand for niche translation services like those provided by Transcript Research drives business opportunities. Transcript Research is a perfect example of how focusing on a niche can add value and growth to a service based business.

Using Telzio gives growing companies like Transcript Research an added edge with the ability to evolve their phone system and manage services without any costly or complex technical requirements.

As needs change from day to day, whether it’s changing an agent’s schedule, or updating information in a greeting, non-technical staff can jump onto the Telzio Dashboard and instantly make the change.

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