Getting Started with Users

Telzio Users enable you to provide each of your employees with a phone line and the ability to manage telephone communications from their mobile device, desk phone, and computer. Users can log into devices and the Telzio website to manage their calls and messages, as well as collaborate with other Users. You can assign different permission levels for your Users and give them administrative access to help manage your account.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create Users for your phone system.

Before you get started, here are some things to note:

  • All Users are included as part of your Telzio service. You can add, edit, and delete Users anytime through our website.
  • You cannot change a username.
  • Users can be logged into multiple devices at the same time.
  • Calling between Users is included as part of your service, and will not count towards your plan usage.
  • Telzio is an internet-based phone service, which means that your employees can use your Telzio service anywhere they have connectivity.

Adding a New User

Here are steps to help you add a user.

      1. Navigate to the Users page.
      2. Click New User
      3. Choose a Username for the employee between 5 to 30 characters long, and type it in the field provided.
      4. Enter the employee’s Email address in the field provided.
      5. Enter the employee’s First and Last Name in the fields provided.
      6. Create a Password for the user at least 8 characters long and containing a number.
        Users can change their password anytime through our website under Account Settings.
      7. Set the user’s Outbound Phone Number.
        This is the number that will display as the user’s caller ID, and the associated plan where any outbound calls and texts will count towards usage.
      8. Enter a 3 or 4 digit Extension for the user.
      9. Assign the user to a Group.
        By default, you’ll have an existing group called Main Group. You can add, edit, and delete groups anytime on the Users page.
      10. Select Permissions for the user from the following options:

        Account Settings: User can access the Account Settings page, view the Account Number, and make changes. (The user will not be able to view the PIN, change the account owner, or close the account.) 
        Analytics: User can view the Analytics section on the dashboard.

        Billing: User can access the Billing page, make deposits, update the payment method, change Auto Recharge settings, and get statements.

        Call Flows: User can create, edit, and delete call flows.

        Call Logs: User can access Call Logs, view call details, and export data. 

        Call Monitoring: User can monitor, barge, and whisper into live calls. Learn about Call Monitoring.

        Call Recordings: User can can access, manage, and download all Call Recordings.

        Integrations: User can access Telzio's API, Webhooks, and third-party integrations like Google Analytics.

        Live Reports: User can view the Live Reports board, and select the Queue to be displayed on their dashboard.

        No Answer Settings: Users can select the destination for unanswered calls (voicemail, call flow, user, group, external phone number, or keep ringing) and the ring duration before sending the call.

        Plans & Numbers: User can access the Plans & Numbers page, add and delete phone numbers, and modify plans.

        Queues: User can access the Queue Management page where they can monitor agents and barge into live calls. 

        SMS: User can access the SMS page where they can view and manage all text messages. 

        Users: User can access the Users page where they can add, edit, and delete users.
      11. Mark the box for Send Credentials to send an email to the user with their username and password and instructions on how to get started.
      12. When you’re finished adding all the user details, click Add User, and you’ll be redirected back to the Users page where you’ll see a list of all your Users.