Queue Management

The Queue Management page gives you a quick overview of all queues on your account. You can easily see how many callers are waiting, the number of available agents and much more.

It also allows you to see detailed information of current calls and the agents assigned to each queue. It even allows you to manage which agents are currently available to take calls from a queue.

You can switch between the queues on your account by clicking on any queue in the right-hand panel.


This section section displays information about active calls in the queue. The list updates in realtime and gives you a quick overview of current holdtimes, duration of calls and which agents callers are currently connected to.

Call ID The ongoing call's "Call ID".
Administrators and users Call Log permermissions can click on the Call ID to access detailed information about the call.
Caller The caller's information including phone number, and CNAM (caller ID) if available.
Status The call's current status in the queue. 
Hold Time The time the caller has been waiting on hold for an available agent.
Duration The duration of the call after an agent has answered.
Agent The agent the caller is currently connected to.

Calls can be sorted by "Call ID" (numerically) or "Caller" (numerically by phone number) by clicking on their respective column headers.

Call Status Icons

Call Ended The call was recently ended.
Exited Queue The caller pressed "0" to exit the queue and continue in the call flow.
Hold Time Exceeded The call has exceeded the queue's Max Hold Time.
Requested Call Back The caller pressed "1" to request a call back.
Talking The caller is currently connected to an agent.
Waiting The caller is on hold in the queue, waiting for the next available agent.

Call Management Icons

Barge Call Barge
This icon is only visible to administrators or users with Call Barge permissions, and will only be available once has been answered by an agent.
Call Barge allows you to listen to an active call, and can be useful for training of new agents.
Hang Up Hang Up
This feature allows you to hang up an active call, no matter if it's currently waiting on hold or has been answered by an agent.


This section lists all agents and their current status in the queue. You can change the availability of any agent, for each individual queue without affecting the agent's availabilty in other queues.

Agents can be sorted by Agent or Status by clicking on the column headers.

Agent The name and username of the agent.
Status The current status of the agent.
Call The Call ID and direction of any active call the agent is currently connected to.
Availability This toggle allows you to change the availability for the agent specifically for this queue.
Changing the availability here will not affect the agent's availability in other queues.

Agent Status Icons

Available The agent is available to take calls from the queue.
Grace The agent is currently in their Grace Period after ending a recent call.
Offline The agent is not currently logged into the Telzio Dashboard, an IP phone, or the Telzio Mobile App.
Ringing The agent's phone is currently ringing.
Talking The agent is currently on a call.

Queues List

The queues list allows you to monitor all queues on your account. Each can be individually managed by simply clicking the desired queue. The upper left of a listed queue displays the queue's name, while the upper right shows the call flow it can be found in.

In the example below, you can tell the "Technical Support" queue is currently selected due to the little triangle attached to its left side.

Queues List

Queue Overview 

Available Agents The number of agents available for answering calls.
Busy Agents The number of agents currently on a call (whether from the queue or not).
Online Agents The number of agents who are currently logged into Telzio, whether on the Dashboard, an IP phone, or the Telzio Mobile App.
Calls Waiting The total number of calls waiting for an available agent.