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Jennifer Chen

August 22, 2018

Netflix's 'Stranger Things' Marketing Hotline Powered by Telzio

The marketing campaign for 'Stranger Things' centered around a toll free number powered by Telzio. The hotline engaged fans to call in and hear clues.

When Netflix was promoting Season 2 of 'Stranger Things', their marketing campaign centered around a toll free number they used to engage with fans. Powered by Telzio, the number was posted across billboards seen in Los Angeles and New York. Fans were able to interact with the working number by calling in and going through a menu of options and messages. When you called, in you'd hear an announcement from Dr. Sam Owens, along with clues about the upcoming season. Calling the number would get you to a phone menu greeting from Dr. Sam Owens, the Director of Operations at Hawkins Power and Light.

Stranger Things marketing campaign billboard

The automated greeting says:

Hello, you've reached Hawkins Power and Light. Powering a brighter tomorrow in the community of Hawkins and beyond. I'm Dr. Sam Owens and my goal is to improve how we light and power the world.

Then you are given the option to go to the main menu where you can listen to customer testimonials, get the latest news about the company, hear the mission statement and report suspicious behavior.

As you move through the phone menu, the steps get more peculiar.

When you press option 3 to report suspicious behavior, the Telzio call routing system sends you to another automated greeting that says:

We're sorry. Our reporting service is full. You may notice a slight decline in vegetation. We can assure that this is a standard effect of the new and improve grid that's powering the Hawkins' dream. We're actively working to remedy the situation, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

As one CNET writer put it:

The more you delve into the options, the creepier it becomes.

Setting up Phone Menus

The marketing team responsible for the 'Stranger Things' show used Telzio for the phone number and the phone menu capabilities. Once they had their automated greetings recorded, it took minutes to configure the phone number to get it working through Telzio's UI. In addition to uploading an audio file, you can also record directly through your browser using your computer mic, or type in the greeting and use Telzio's text-to-speech feature.

Call routing is done through Telzio's Call Flows, which enables you to drag and drop features like phone menus and announcements.
## Toll Free Numbers for Marketing Campaigns

Telzio has an inventory of toll free numbers and local phone numbers available for registering instantly through our website. You can search for vanity numbers or ask us for help.

What fun and innovative marketing campaign will they think of for Stranger Things Season 3? We can't wait to find out.