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Jennifer Chen

November 27, 2018

Telzio Text-to-Speech Enhanced to Sound Like Real Human Voice

Telzio text-to-speech offers a natural-sounding voice used to create greetings throughout your phone system. Choose from 30+ voices and 14 languages.

Telzio text-to-speech enables you to provide high quality caller experiences with natural-sounding audio throughout your phone system. Computer generated voices no sound longer robotic. With Telzio text-to-speech, you can choose from a variety of voices that sound almost indistinguishable from a real person. Generate lifelike auto attendants and phone greetings without recording any audio. Simply type out your message, and Telzio converts the text into an audio message using groundbreaking machine learning technology.

Add Telzio text-to-speech right now

The simplicity of the Telzio UI makes it a breeze to customize audio messages throughout your phone system. Once you have your text prepared, all you have to do is enter it into the Telzio Dashboard and it goes live instantly.

Implement the enhanced TTS voice by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the greeting(s) where you have used TTS.
  2. Navigate to Type where you have the message entered.
  3. Click Preview to listen to the new voice.
  4. Click Save.

If you’re not a Telzio customer yet, you can start a free trial now to hear the personalized phone greeting automatically created for your business when you sign up.

Telzio text-to-speech phone greeting

Implement TTS throughout your phone system

Telzio provides default greetings for events like phone menus and voicemail greetings, and you have the option to replace these greetings with custom messaging for your callers. Telzio text-to-speech is available in multiple features throughout your phone system, including:

In addition to standard welcome greetings, Telzio TTS makes it convenient to incorporate Announcements into your phone system, as you can change them as frequently as needed. Each time you update a greeting with Telzio, you’re saving time and money. Telzio TTS eliminates the need for professional recordings, which requires production time and cost of labor. By ridding these expenditures, you gain flexibility to incorporate more messaging into your phone system.

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Select from 30+ voices and 14 languages

Telzio text-to-speech offers a selection of 30+ voices and 14 languages, enabling you to pick the best voice for your business. You can type your message in Spanish, Danish, or any of the other languages offered. The resulting audio will be spoken in the language selected. On the other hand, if the message entered is in English, and the voice chosen in German, then the resulting audio will be in English with a German accent. Text-to-speech voices available:

Telzio text-to-speech languages
  • Danish Man
  • Danish Woman
  • Dutch Man
  • Dutch Woman
  • German Man
  • German Woman
  • English Man (Australian)
  • English Woman (Australian)
  • English Man (British)
  • English Woman (British)
  • English Man (American)
  • English Woman (American)
  • French Woman (Canadian)
  • French Man
  • French Woman
  • French Man (American)
  • Japanese Woman
  • Korean Woman
  • Italian Man
  • Italian Woman
  • Polish Man
  • Polish Woman
  • Portuguese Man
  • Portguese Woman
  • Russian Man
  • Russian Woman
  • Spanish Man
  • Spanish Woman
  • Spanish Man (American)
  • Spanish Woman (American)
  • Swedish Woman
  • Turkish Man
  • Turkish Woman

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Whichever voice you choose, your phone system will be using the latest and greatest technology in text-to-speech conversions. With Telzio, you can be sure your phone system is at the forefront of innovation, and that customers are getting a high quality experience when they call your business.

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