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Diana Chu

October 22, 2017

Automated SMS Service from Telzio

Automated SMS service from Telzio enables you to send an automatic text message to callers.

Automated SMS service from Telzio enables you to send an automatic text message to callers. In this article you'll see just a few ways this feature can be used to promote your business or campaign.

The automated SMS feature can be implemented in your Telzio call flow, so that when someone calls your business, a text message is automatically sent to that caller. You can create a standard message to be sent, containing a custom message, URL, or other information.

Here are some of the ways you can use the Automated SMS service.

Promotional Messages

You can send automatic text messages to callers containing information about your product along with a link to your website. For example, a caller presses option 3 in your phone menu to hear more about your products. You can play a prerecorded announcement, and then follow that up with a text message to the caller that provides them with a link to where they can purchase the product.

## Text-Only Hotlines

You can set up a local or toll free number to be used as a texting hotline for people who need help. If the text hotline is called, you can create an announcement that lets callers know that they can text into the hotline, followed by an automatic text message to the caller.

Missed Call Alerts

You can set up automated SMS text messages to alert your team when you have a missed call on an important sales or customer support line. Additionally, you can send a text message to the caller to acknowledge their call and let them know someone will be calling them back shortly.

Payment Confirmation

You can accept payments over the phone with Telzio, and provide the customer with a text confirmation following a successful transaction. You can also send an automated SMS for the same transaction to your accounting department.

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Learn more about how to set up Automated SMS on our support page.