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Diana Chu

October 25, 2017

Telzio Gives $10,000 in Hotline Services to Nonprofits in Q3

Telzio sponsors telephone and hotline service for nonprofits, including the ability to create phone menus and forward to mobile phones.

Telzio is relied on to power emergency hotlines that are saving lives and helping people every day. This is part of our mission. In Q3, we sponsored over $10,000 in telephone and hotline services for nonprofit organizations in the US. By setting up a hotline with Telzio, charitable teams can give people a safe place to call for help and information in times of need. Some of the organizations we’re working with include The Hope Box, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, the Travelers Assistance Project, and LIFT Communities.

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Part of our mission at Telzio is to help charitable organizations get off the ground and support their continued efforts to serve our communities.

Because many nonprofits are comprised of remote-based volunteers and limited technical staff, Telzio is an ideal solution for getting any new organization started with a phone system. We work with groups on a one-on-one basis to provide the support needed through sponsorships and discounts to use the Telzio platform. Through our financial assistance, easy-to-use web-interface, and dedicated customer support teams, our nonprofit customers are able to implement a professional phone system and start receiving calls all within a day.

First, we assist with finding the right phone number. Whether it’s a toll-free hotline or local numbers for regional offices, new phone numbers can be registered instantly. Additionally, existing phone numbers can be transferred to Telzio with no downtime. Vanity numbers are also available, which are particularly valuable for running campaigns and emergency hotlines that should be easy to remember.

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Second, we assess the budget and requirements of the organization. To start, we provide up to a full year of sponsored phone service for nonprofits that qualify, and an ongoing discount on top of that. Extended sponsorships are assessed on a case-by-case basis as needed.

Third, we provide guidance on setting up the desired services. Whether it’s a straightforward hotline that routes to volunteers on their mobile phones, or a complete office phone system with desk phones – Telzio is flexible and can be easily configured to accommodate organizations from 5 to 500 people. Using a combination of greetings and routing options, the system can be set up to provide information and direct callers to the right person. Setting up the actual phone system configuration is, believe it or not, the easiest part.

Telzio is ideal for routing calls to mobile phones and desk phones for companies with 5 to 500 users.

If you work with a nonprofit and are interested in learning more about if Telzio is the right service for you, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at

Write to us about your nonprofit and find out if you qualify for a year of free phone service.